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Volunteer Phone Call & Text Messaging System

Coordinating volunteers can be challenging to say the least. Now with DialMyCalls you can easily send phone calls or texts to all your volunteers to alert them of volunteer opportunities automatically and get immediate feedback. With our SMS text message system and phone polling you can easily notify everyone and find out who can/will be attending events within minutes instead of hours.

Acquire Volunteers with Phone Calls & Text Message Alerts

It takes dedication to set up and sustain an outreach program. These types of volunteer programs are serving hundreds of causes around the country, helping under privileged children, single parent households, and the elderly along with dozens of other groups in need of special attention. Help your program reach even more with a communication system that helps to get everyone involved when you need it the most.

To reach as many individuals as possible, your outreach program needs an abundance of volunteers. Mentors for young people, cooks and servers for soup kitchens, and educators to provide tutoring are only a few examples of the dedicated people involved in making your outreach program work. Each program is unique and dependent on different services, but one factor is consistent volunteerism drives its success.

DialMyCalls can help contribute to the success of your outreach program by assisting you in promoting volunteerism. At any given moment, you could need one or a dozen volunteers to help run your program. The web-based non-profit notification service that DialMyCalls provides allows you to reach all of your volunteers at one time to find the help you need when your program needs it the most.

Sudden inclement weather can be disastrous for some of the persons being assisted by your outreach program. If a bad storm is imminent, log in to your DialMyCalls account and send a phone call or text message to all of your volunteers, asking them to help you find your neediest outreach recipients and ensure that they are safe before the storm hits.

Easily Create A Volunteer Alert System

Setting up a DialMyCalls account for your volunteer outreach program is easy. There is no hardware or software installation involved. Simply log in, set up your personal account, and begin adding your volunteers’ contact information. When you need them most, all it will take is a few clicks and your recorded voice message or text message and everyone will be called to action at one time.

You can use DialMyCalls when you need individualized help as well. Maybe you found yourself in sudden need of a math tutor for your youth program. With DialMyCalls you can send the message to all of your volunteers asking if any have the skills needed to tutor the class. Those that do can respond back with the Push-To-Talk feature. The right person for the job simply pushes a button on their phone to be transferred back to you, or any other number you assign. This allows you to find the specialized help you need fast, without it taking too much time away from your other important tasks.

There is no limit to the way DialMyCalls can help your outreach organization. With a telephone polling feature you can invite ideas from your volunteers about fundraising events or programs that could be of benefit to your organization. You record the message and they answer back by pressing the corresponding number on their phone keypad. Your detailed broadcast report will keep track of the answers for your so you can get a clear picture of what your volunteers are advising.

Using a non-profit notification service to promote volunteerism in your program is a modern solution to a classic problem. It is not easy to motivate people to reach out and help, but when you use a communication system that can reach hundreds in minutes, you increase your chances of finding those volunteers who have the same level of dedication to the outreach program as you do.

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