Group SMS Message Marketing for Influencers

Use SMS Marketing For Influencers to Send Out Text Messages to Your Fans

DialMyCalls offers influencer group SMS messaging that helps influencers build their audience, send post alerts and codes, and connect with their fan base. Now you can easily send your alerts via phone call, text message (SMS), and/or email to everyone, in seconds!
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Group SMS Message Marketing for Influencers

Types Of Influencer SMS and Calls Sent By DialMyCalls Customers:


From brand profiles to influencer pages, incorporating SMS campaigns into your social media strategy is a vital element to building stronger, faster connections with your audience.

Some things are meant to be together: like macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, text marketing and social media are a perfect example of a marketing match made in heaven. Influencer marketing services like DialMyCalls provide group SMS messaging to supplement any existing marketing strategy.

Text messaging might not seem like the most obvious marketing method for an influencer, but the direction of the consumer makes SMS a huge contender when it comes to an influencer’s social strategy. Influencer marketing campaigns bring influencers and their followers closer than ever before; with an open rate of 98%, SMS is the most reliable way to make sure messages are not only sent but received.

When it comes to influencer text messages, DialMyCalls does it best. For over 10 years we’ve been providing automated outbound calling systems. Our system is completely web-based so there’s no need to buy expensive or hard to use equipment or hardware to purchase.

By joining DialMyCalls you instantly have the ability to send out thousands of messages to your followers per minute for as little as pennies a text. Over 40,000 organizations across the U.S and Canada use DialMyCalls because of our ease of use, low prices and top notch customer support.

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Why Use DialMyCalls As Your Influencer Notification System?

Consider these benefits of mass text messaging:

Direct. A text message goes straight to a follower’s phone in seconds. They’re short and sweet, and they can be personalized to an individual or sent to a whole list with features like variable messaging.

Immediate. If you’re trying to get a message out, texting is one of the best ways to do so. According to Voice Sage, on average SMS messages are read in the first 3 minutes of receipt, with 82% of people saying that they open every text they receive and with 19% of links in SMS being clicked, this is the highest converting marketing tool available.

Flexible. Text messages can take many forms. They’re an ideal tool because they can vary greatly depending on the circumstance. They can include text, pictures, video, links, or other media types. You can utilize DialMyCalls’ mass notification platform to send out an SMS, voice and email broadcast all at the same time, to ensure your message gets across wherever your customers are.

Widespread. MarketerHire reported that in 2020, 97% of Americans owned a cell phone. This means that information sent as a text message can reach the majority of consumers. Additionally, it means this is a communication method that many people are already familiar with, so they do not need to learn a new skill and are familiar with receiving information in this format.

2-Way. Unlike some communication methods, text message marketing with DialMyCalls facilitates 2-way conversations, not simply the sending of information. Text messages are ideal for feedback or connection because the influencer can answer questions, respond to concerns, and otherwise connect personally with each of their followers.

Set up an Influencer Notification System

Influencers can set up a notification system with their followers using DialMyCalls. Do you have a new post that just went out? How about a hot new review that you want to share?   Quickly and easily log into your DialMyCalls account and send out a text message to let all of your opted-in followers know about the update.   In addition to updates, influencers can set up a recurring text message to go out weekly or monthly – this allows them to send out a recap of news, product endorsements, and various other posts that happened during the week or month.

Automated Calling System for Influencers

In addition to sending SMS messages DialMyCalls also offers mass notification in the forms of email marketing and voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is a tool that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple numbers simultaneously. The sender can record messages or have speech-to-text messages sent in advance and use a centralized interface to send them all from a phone number.

DialMyCalls allows you to send mass messages to thousands in seconds. This ensures that your message reaches everyone who needs to hear it as soon as possible. Our platform also compiles and analyzes response rates and other information about your audience’s reception to the call to help impact your strategy moving forward.

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Sending Influencer SMS and Calls Through Email

How does DialMyCalls automated voice messaging system work? Simply add your phone numbers, record a voice message to send, send your call and view the delivery report!

If you’re looking to execute text marketing for influencers optimally, you may need some help to get started. DialMyCalls can provide just that kickstart you need, keeping you at the forefront of your audience's minds.

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I love dial my calls. My leader uses this frequently and it is a great way to reach everyone immediately and know they have received the message without worrying about did they read their email.

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