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Send Lunch Balance Notifications

Automatically notify parents that lunch balances are running low to prevent students from being cut off.

Reducing Student Lunch Account Debts Using Low Lunch Balance Reminders

An important part of a child’s school day involves fueling up on nutritious food that feeds the body and mind. There are numerous studies that show proof that a student retains more educational information when their physical needs are met. This is the reason why every school across the nation has an on-site cafeteria and provisions in place to ensure that all students eat a healthy meal there.

As a school administrator you are already aware of all of this and are working hard every day to see to it that all of your students’ nutritional needs are being met. This takes money and with already ridiculously tight school budgets, this money needs to come from outside the school’s expense funds. Federally funded school lunch programs are helping the parents of kids in need by purchasing a lunch for them every day, but those who don’t qualify for this type of assistance are expected to pay a small amount for their food each time they visit the cafeteria line.

Student Lunch Programs and Your School

Your school has probably implemented a credit program for parents of children who don’t qualify for federally funded school lunches. This is common now as many kids are prone to losing their lunch money or spending it on items other than a healthy meal. Typically a parent will open their child’s lunch account with a specified amount of money and then allow that to dwindle down before replenishing it.

Of course, the trouble with these credit programs is that while they ensure that all the children under your watch have access to a school lunch, not every parent is diligent about replenishing these school lunch accounts. Busy parents can forget to send in that check or they might not realize how much food their child is eating every day. This leads to a lot of negative lunch balances as you and other school officials recognize the need for a healthy lunch and still provide it, despite the child’s lunch account having a negative balance.

Automated Phone Calls & Text Messages for Low Lunch Balance Reminders

To combat this and keep the school’s cafeteria running, notes are being sent home as reminders to parents to send in their payments. The better way to remind parents would be an automated phone call sent to their phone, as they are more likely to see that than any note a kid is supposed to hand over.

Of course busy school officials don’t have the time to call every delinquent parent. Instead, what they do have time for is a mass notification using DialMyCalls’ free service. At no charge to your school you can send a phone call to up to 25 parents a week, letting them know that they need to send in lunch account money. At the same time an e-mail is sent, doubling your chances of receiving a response in the form of a check. If 25 weekly phone calls aren’t enough, the service can be upgraded with a special price discount applied to schools.

A school administrator’s plate is already full of dozens of administrative tasks that need to be carried out daily. Make your life simpler by using DialMyCalls to alert parents and the problem of funding your school’s cafeteria will quickly be solved.

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