Bullying Hotline for Schools

Easily set up a phone number to allow students to call in and report bullying that they witness around school.

School Reporting Solution: Bullying Hotline

While once considered a rite of passage, it is now painstakingly clear the being bullied has long lasting negative effects on a child’s mental and physical health.

The biggest obstacle in putting a stop to school bullying is a child’s reluctance to report it. This can be due to any number of reasons including a lack of confidence that an intervening adult will make a difference. The main reason for not reporting a bully is the child’s fear of being retaliated against or becoming known as a tattle tale.

Despite the efforts of school officials and parents encouraging children to talk about their problems with a school bully, the problem continues to grow. So far, the only effective way to get a child to talk has been with a reporting hotline.

Create Bullying Hotline To Help Students Being Bullied

A school or even an entire school district can help put a stop to bullying by setting up a toll free vanity number that allows a child to report a bully or bullying incident. Most kids carry a cell phone nowadays and can easily use that to call in.

With a service like DialMyCalls’ bullying hotline, the school can set up a vanity hotline phone number that is easy for a child to remember. The child can then call in to this number any time of the day or night and leave a message reporting the incident. They regain some control as it is entirely up to them how much information they wish to divulge. This goes a long way in preserving self esteem as a distraught child will not feel intimidated by having to talk face to face with adults.

Reporting School Incidents to the Bullying & Safety Hotline

Calling in to the bullying hotline is made as easy as possible with the DialMyCalls service to encourage kids to call in. Through their DialMyCalls account, school officials will be alerted that a voice message has been left for them. Once alerted, a school authority can log in and listen to the details of the call before taking appropriate action.

A free bullying tip hotline is not only for the victims of bullying. Studies show that children who witness a bully in action are just as reluctant to report it as the victim. The tip line is also available to them if they wish to protect a friend or peer.

School campuses across the nation are grappling with the problems associated with school bullying.

The only way to put a stop to it is with reporting the bullies, and the only proven effective way of doing that is by having options available to students. Setting up methods and encouraging kids to report is something all protectors of our children can easily implement.

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