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Employee Emergency Notifications

In the high-tech digital age many companies have tapped into a clever way of motivating employees. Daily motivational quotes sent directly to their phone via phone call or SMS text message are a perfect way to get a little pep in everyone's step.

Employee Communication in Emergency Situations

A crisis within your company could cripple it if you are not prepared to handle the fallout. You should already have developed and implemented a strategy for handling an internal crisis that also includes a detailed communication plan. An effective means of communicating with your employees is critical in any type of emergency situation, including one that has developed within your own business.

Develop an Ongoing Emergency Notification System

You will be a much more effective communicator during a business crisis if you have already developed an ongoing constructive form of communication with your employees. When your employees are already used to hearing from you through phone calls and SMS text messages, they will be receptive to your continuing communication in those formats during a crisis.

Broadcasting Messages to Employees

In the event that you are facing a corporate takeover or there has been a major recall of one of your products, make sure that your employees hear that news from you first. Send them all the same brief voice message, letting them know whatever details you are permitted to share and reassuring them that as a team you will all make it through these challenging times. Record this message only when you feel calm enough to convey confidence and security to your employees. If they hear panic in your voice, they will begin to panic.

2-Way Text Messaging Solution

If you ignore the importance of communication during a crisis, you will be fostering uncertainty and fear in your employees. These emotions will inevitably lead to low morale and low productivity, making your company even more susceptible to a negative outcome.

Increase the amount of messages you send during this time to keep the employees abreast of the situation. You can utilize DialMyCalls’ 2-way text message service and invite the employees to ask you questions about the situation. Not only do your employees want updated information during a crisis, they want the opportunity to provide you with feedback and possible solutions to your problems.

Allowing these 2-way dialogues during this time will help keep morale strong and employees in place as their faith in your leadership grows. You want to avoid a situation where your workers are deciding to leave your company during a crisis. A mass exodus of staff will only exacerbate your difficulties.

Motivate Employees via Phone Call or Text Message

As the crisis is resolved and your company is able to return to normal, don’t forget about the emotional turmoil your employees have gone through with you. This is the time to set a forward looking tone for your business by leaving messages for your staff about your plans for the company’s future and how they should be excited to be part of that.

Keeping up with communication during and after a crisis does not need to be a time-consuming part of your workday. DialMyCalls is easy to access and use, giving you the opportunity to send automated messages via phone call and text message to thousands of employees in just a few seconds. Take advantage of this useful tool to help see your business through its tough times and come out even stronger when they are over.

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