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Emergency Weather Alert System for Businesses

With DialMyCalls you can create your own in-house weather reporting system which allows you to send phone call or text message updates to all your employees concerning incoming weather.

Foul Weather Planning for the Small and Large Business

When harsh weather strikes, you will be faced with myriad challenges concerning your employees. Of course their safety will be your number one concern but you also must consider the logistics of your business and human resource issues. Hurricanes, blizzards, and even torrential downpours can all have an effect on your employee’s ability to work, especially if they have to travel far to get there or if their position involves traveling to other locations or working outdoors.

Having a plan and policies in place before an inclement weather event threatens your area is important if you want to effectively manage your business during one. While you want to keep your employees at home when the conditions are dangerous, you also need to be protecting your business by making sure that your employees know when they should be reporting back to work.

Formulating the Weather Emergency Response Plan

No matter how big or small, every business should have a plan or inclement weather policy. This should detail what you would consider to be a severe weather emergency, and what happens to your company and employees in the event of one. Keep in mind your business liability and the risks you could be facing if you choose to stay open when other local businesses are closing down for the severe weather event.

When formulating your plan, you need to be creative in thinking of all the severe weather events your business can face. While a business on the South Carolina coast should mention what to do when a hurricane is imminent, an Ohio valley company should be prepared to handle tornado warnings. Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area put provisions in their emergency plans for the event of an earthquake.

Part of your planning should include getting your DialMyCalls account ready for a storm. Make sure that your contact list is updated and sorted into pertinent groups. Set up a vanity number and SMS text keyword that will make you easy to identify to your employees when you send a message either via phone call or SMS text message.

Send Automated Weather Alerts

An important part of your plan should include how you will remain accessible during a weather event and the way in which you will be communicating with your employees. Instead of having to rely on the old fashioned phone tree method or even e-mail notification, use your DialMyCalls automated weather alerts to let all of your employees know when you are going to close for bad weather conditions and when they should return to work.

Using DialMyCalls’ automated weather alerts will allow you to take advantage of the knowledge that you can count on just about everyone in your company having a phone. With a phone always in their reach, you know that your message is going to be received quickly. This will keep your employees off the road and safe from harm during bad weather and back to work on time when you need them to be.

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