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Employee Text Alert System

For companies with employees on rotating schedules or flexible schedules, you can embrace the power of text messaging (SMS) to notify your employees of about schedule & shift modifications.

Employee Schedule Reminders via SMS Text Message

Managers of most service-based industries have the unique task of having to balance the availability of employees with the needs of the customers. Constructing weekly schedules and daily assignments is a stressful task which can be somewhat alleviated when you simplify the distribution of them.

Broadcast Daily Assignments via Text Message to Your Employees

Managers spend a lot of time sorting through employees’ needs and availabilities to come up with weekly schedules that please everyone. In some instances this could be a painstaking task that takes up hours of time. Next comes the hard part, when you have to make sure that all of the employees have easy access to the schedule so that they show up for their appointed shifts on time.

To save you the hassle of distributing paper copies or hanging the schedule on the wall, set up DialMyCalls to send out an SMS text message to all of your employees – this message can contain their individual work schedule.

SMS Text Broadcasting Service Benefits

After making the work schedule, some managers have the additional task of creating daily assignments which could be anywhere in or outside of the building. Cleaning services for example need to make daily assignments for which homes or business their crews will go to each day. Not only is it important that they show up at the right locations, the timing also must be perfect to avoid any conflicts with business or home activities.

To help in streamlining this process and keeping your labor costs down, broadcast these daily assignments via text message to your employees each morning. This saves you time and money by keeping them out of the office and instead heading straight to their first assignment. Cable installation companies and lawn maintenance services could also handle daily schedules this way.

The Benefits of the SMS Text Messaging

There is more to using your DialMyCalls SMS text broadcasting service as a schedule messenger than keeping employees out of the office. That could be done with a phone call. What makes the text message stand out is that there is no room for miscommunication. Your employee has a visual message on his/her cell phone that tells him/her where to go to work that day. This will help your business cut down on delayed or missed service calls due to a verbal misunderstanding.

You can also incorporate this method into sending shift reminders to those employees who are not scheduled regularly. Do this in the afternoon for shifts that are expected to begin the next morning. With a shift reminder, you are going to want to take advantage of the DialMyCalls 2-way texting feature and ask the employee to verify that he will be able to work that shift. This will give you enough time to cover the shift if his or her availability has unexpectedly changed.

Running a successful service-oriented business can be challenging when trying to balance the needs of your customers with the availability of your employees. Eliminate the hassle of handing out schedules and shift assignments by taking advantage of the easy-to-use features that DialMyCalls offers.

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