Bullying Prevention & Awareness

DialMyCalls offers a bullying prevention system that will help schools all across the country raise awareness and deter bullies from abusive behavior in and around the classroom.

DialMyCalls Is Used By Schools All Over The US & Canada

Below are just a few of the thousands of educational institutions that use our system.

Bullying in schools has become an epidemic and DialMyCalls can aid in raising awareness as well as providing prevention methods via its voice + SMS broadcasting service. School administrators can now set up anti-bully hotlines as well as special text message campaigns to help stop abusive behavior from happening while in school.

Alert teachers, students and parents of upcoming bullying prevention rallies in an instant with the click of a button. DialMyCalls is capable of sending thousands of voice + text messages in a matter of minutes.

Types Of School Notification Calls Sent By DialMyCalls Customers:

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Bullying Prevention Hotline

Schools can now implement a bullying prevention hotline that will allow students who are being tormented by a bully or those that witness bullying to speak to a counselor regarding the incident.

Anti-Bullying Text Messages

In addition to a phone hotline, SMS campaigns can be created that will allow students to instantly inform school staff of a bully by simply texting the details of the incident to a customizable keyword – two-way texting will allow a counselor to instantly respond to the student who reported the abusive act.

Education Discount

All schools receive 10% off on our package prices. Simply call our customer support team at 1-800-928-2086 and someone on our staff can help get the discount on your account.

Why Use DialMyCalls To Help Prevent Bullying?

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service

"I am a brand new high school teacher with 150 students and I have been overwhelmed with all of the administrative duties teachers have. Everyday I was coming home to call parents about attendance, failing grades and other classroom announcements. It was an extremely cumbersome process and taking up hours of my evenings each night! But now with DialMyCalls, I simply record a message and in minutes I can do what once took hours. This service is phenomenal and affordable enough for a first-year, public school teacher. Thank you."

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