Mass Texting Service & Text Marketing For Nonprofits [2023]

Looking for a better way to communicate with your donors, staff, and volunteers? Well, our mass texting service for nonprofits lets you do all this and more!

In fact, it can even help you reach new audiences by implementing nonprofit SMS marketing strategies. Ultimately, bulk texts are a versatile mode of communication, allowing you to both raise more funds and manage your volunteers.

So, let’s explore what makes mass text messaging so effective for nonprofits, how you can use it, and how to get started.

Why Should Nonprofits Use A Mass Texting Service?

There are several main reasons to consider integrating bulk SMS into your nonprofit’s communication workflow. We discuss some of the best advantages below.

Improved Donor Relationships

One of the key reasons nonprofits should utilize a mass texting service is its potential to enhance your donor relationships.

For example, because text messaging is the most immediate, direct, and personal form of communication, it’s easy to make sure recipients see all your messages. Unlike email, where inboxes often become crowded with spam, people tend to check and read every text they receive. Better yet, they often read messages within just minutes of receipt.

Additionally, mailing out traditional cards can be a bit of hassle, both in terms of cost and effort. Bulk SMS, meanwhile, is super easy and inexpensive to set up, and donors will appreciate your efforts just as much.

You can even personalize each message with tools like variable messaging, and separate your contacts into various groups to send more targeted texts using our contact management system

You might also consider running a text poll or survey by using DialMyCalls’ Two-Way Texting feature so you can better understand what donors want to see in your organization.

Enhance Volunteer and Staff Communication

Another great reason to use a mass texting service for nonprofits is to improve your communication with volunteers.

After all, it’s easiest to reach most people via text message as opposed to other forms of communication. 

This can help foster quick and efficient communication so you can easily manage volunteers. Additionally, the easier it is to communicate, the more likely they’ll be to donate their time.

For example, you can simply send out a volunteer outreach alert to your volunteer contact group requesting people help out at your next event. If you enable two-way texting, you can even let people respond with whether or not they’re available.

You might also consider requesting feedback from volunteers after an event to learn how you can improve their experiences. After all, if volunteers have a positive experience, they’ll be more likely to come back and help out again.

Increase Donations

One more reason to use bulk SMS for nonprofits, and possibly the most important, is to increase the number and amount of donations you receive.

While we already mentioned how it’s a great tool for fostering donor relationships, you can also send out announcements about upcoming donation drives.

Now, you shouldn’t go requesting donations from your entire list everyday, but it can be effective when used sparingly. Be sure to spend the proper time and effort building relationships before making direct requests.

For example, most of your texts may be updates on great things your nonprofit is accomplishing. However, if you’re organizing a donation drive during a specific time period, be sure to let your contact list know.

You might also invite your contacts to a fundraising event via bulk text, and not request donations until they’re actually at the event.

As you can see, there are tons of strategies for using mass texting to increase nonprofit donations. Ultimately, the immediacy and directness of text messaging should help your recipients to act and donate right away.

10 Ways To Use A Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits

1. Volunteer Management

Utilizing mass texting for volunteer management involves recruiting and coordinating volunteers efficiently. You can send text messages to recruit volunteers, communicate their roles, and coordinate their activities. 

Additionally, you can communicate instant updates or changes in plans quickly, ensuring that volunteers are always informed. 

Bulk SMS for nonprofits is also great for collecting volunteer feedback through surveys, which you can use to improve volunteer programs. 

Volunteer Management Text Message Example

2. Share Event Details

Nonprofits can also use mass texting to announce upcoming events, providing essential information such as dates, times, and locations. 

In the event of last-minute changes in schedules or venues, bulk SMS can quickly communicate these changes to ensure you keep attendees up-to-date. 

Following the event, you can use text messaging to send thank you messages to attendees and to gather feedback. Ultimately, this can enhance future event planning and attendee engagement.

Nonprofit Event Details Text Message Example

3. FAQ Vehicle

As an FAQ vehicle, nonprofit mass texting provides instant answers to frequently asked questions from donors, volunteers, or the general public. 

You can also use this instant communication tool to share links to more detailed information or resources, thereby enhancing understanding and support. 

Moreover, two-way communication features allow recipients to ask questions and receive timely responses, fostering a more interactive and engaged community.

Nonprofit FAQ Vehicle Text Message Example

4. Confirm Receipt

In the context of confirmations, you can use bulk SMS to acknowledge the receipt of donations. After all, a simple thank-you text can go a long way in making donors feel appreciated. 

Additionally, you can use the service to notify individuals when documents, applications, or forms have been received. Overall, this ensures clarity and efficiency in administrative processes.

Nonprofit Confirm Receipt Text Message Example

5. Pledge Reminder SMS

If you’re looking to remind donors about pledges, DialMyCalls’ mass texting software for nonprofits can help. All you need to do is organize your contact groups, write your message, and schedule it to go out.

Additionally, for recurring donations, you can use our automated texting features to remind benefactors that their pledge is due or their volunteer slot has come up.

Pledge Reminder Text Message Example

6. Seasonal Requests

Seasonal requests via mass texting involve promoting special holiday fundraising or volunteer campaigns. This approach taps into the seasonal spirit, potentially increasing participation and donations. 

Additionally, sending season’s greetings via text can help in maintaining engagement and goodwill among your nonprofit’s community.

Nonprofit Seasonal Request Text Message Example

7. Interactive Activities

Interactive activities through mass texting, such as polls, quizzes, and contests, are excellent for engaging non profit audiences. 

These activities not only provide entertainment, but also offer valuable insights into the preferences and opinions of the community. 

They can also serve as a tool for increasing engagement and involvement in the nonprofit’s cause or campaigns.

Nonprofit Feedback Text Message Example

8. Staff Communications

For internal communication, bulk SMS can be the perfect way for nonprofits to share updates, news, or important information with staff members. 

For example, this might include sending emergency alerts or instructions in urgent situations. 

Additionally, regular reminders about meetings, events, or important dates also helps keep staff organized and informed.

Nonprofit Staff Communication Text Message Example

9. Board of Directors Communications

Communicating with your nonprofit’s Board of Directors via mass text messaging involves informing them about:

  • Upcoming meetings
  • Important organizational updates
  • Strategic decisions

It’s also an effective way to solicit feedback or input on key issues. This helps ensure that the board members are actively involved and informed about the nonprofit’s direction and challenges.

Nonprofit Board of Directors Communication Text Message Example

10. Marketing Reminders

Lastly, your nonprofit can use text marketing to encourage donations from existing supporters, as well as help new supporters discover your cause. 

For example, you can effectively communicate calls to action, such as encouraging supporters to sign a petition, visit a website, or participate in a campaign.

Additionally, sharing stories or achievements that enhance brand awareness helps in building a strong, recognizable identity for your organization.

Nonprofit Text Marketing SMS Example

What Is SMS Marketing For Nonprofits?

Even though the purpose of your organization is to support your cause and not make a profit, you still need capital in order to operate your nonprofit and work towards your mission.

So, even though we typically associate marketing with for-profit businesses, nonprofits need to be effective marketers as well. After all, keeping your organization at the forefront of your supporters minds is critical to fundraising and generating interest in your cause.

Fortunately, SMS marketing for nonprofits is one of the best strategies you can utilize.

Not only is it quick and easy to set up, but it’s also the most direct and immediate marketing medium. Better yet, you can incorporate it into just about every aspect of your organization’s existing workflow.

How Does Text Message Marketing For Nonprofits Work?

To start implementing nonprofit SMS marketing strategies, you first need to think about your goals. So, take some time to think about what you want to achieve with your campaign. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to increase donations?
  • Do you want to encourage attendance at an upcoming event?
  • Do you want to improve relationships with your donors?

While you probably want to do all three of these things, it’s key that you focus on one goal at a time. 

Since effective bulk text marketing for nonprofits needs to be concise and clear, be sure to have one clear goal in mind for each text. Trying to accomplish multiple things in one text could overwhelm or confuse recipients.

Once you know why you’re sending your text, think about how you can accomplish the goal. Again, choose one clear call to action, like:

  • Updating supporters on the dates of an upcoming fundraising drive
  • Sending a link to your upcoming event’s page on your website
  • Asking donors to complete a survey about what they’d like to see your nonprofit improve on

Once you’ve figured out your goal and the required call to action to achieve it, you’re ready to write and schedule your message. From there, you can start thinking about your next bulk SMS marketing campaign.

How To Grow Your Nonprofit With Text Marketing

While you can’t send promotional texts to those who haven’t opted in to receive them, SMS marketing does open up new ways for nonprofits to expand their list.

For example, you might launch a poster or tabletop campaign in partnership with a brick-and-mortar store or restaurant inviting interested individuals to text your organization to volunteer, contribute, or get more information. 

Once a prospect scans a QR code or texts your organization, you can add their contact information to your database for future marketing communications.

Ultimately, by using a text messaging service for nonprofits, it’s easy to collect contact information to build your supporter list.

How Nonprofits Can Get Started With Bulk SMS

To get started with bulk SMS for your nonprofit, you’ll need to use a mass texting service like DialMyCalls. Unlike traditional phone carriers, our texting platform for nonprofits is set up to send hundreds, or even thousands, of SMS messages all at once.

Fortunately, integrating DialMyCalls into your nonprofit organization’s operating procedures is a simple process. Texting platforms for nonprofits require no hardware devices or extra software programs. 

All you need to do is sign up, create your account, and add or import your contacts. You can even customize your contact lists into different categories, so you can send different SMS text messages to your supporters, donors, and staff.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best mass texting service for nonprofits, DialMyCalls makes the perfect solution.

Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits FAQs

Is There A Free Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits?

Unfortunately there are no entirely free mass texting services for nonprofits. Since traditional phone carriers aren’t intended to send bulk SMS, you need to pay for a mass texting platform.

However, DialMyCalls does offer a free trial. Additionally, the pricing is scalable, meaning the less messages you need to send, the less money you’ll need to pay.

What Is The Best Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits?

The best mass texting service for nonprofits is DialMyCalls. Your organization can send hundreds or thousands of messages all at once, and you don’t need to download any software.

Just sign up, add your contacts, write your message, and send. You’ll also gain access to a host of amazing bulk SMS features, like two-way texting, landline texting, and so much more!

Can Nonprofits Send Text Messages?

Nonprofits can absolutely send text messages, and for a myriad of reasons.

For example, nonprofits can manage donor relations, improve staff communication, and increase engagement and donations, all through SMS.

So, not only can nonprofits send text messages, in most cases they should send texts in order to meet modern communication trends and demands.

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