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Our all-in-one water utilities notification system solution costs as low as $1.89 per door and includes unlimited calling and texting along with: 2-way text messaging, recurring messages, and contact labels. DialMyCalls is perfect for sending out staff notifications, outage alerts, service reminders and customer notifications via voice and text message.
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Section 8 & State Housing Authority Tenant Alert System | DialMyCalls

Used By Over 40,000 Organizations Across The US & Canada

Below are just a few of the sewage, plumbing and water utility companies that are using us to keep everyone informed.

Are you a communications manager for a water utility provider? Are you responsible for internal communications or community relations at a sewage or water treatment facility? By using DialMyCalls' Utility Provider Mass Notification System you can send a phone call and/or text message to all of your customers, a specific group of customers or your staff members instantly! There is no equipment or expensive hardware to buy; our service is completely web-based and once logged in you can setup and send out your call/text in minutes.

Thousands of utility providers across the country use DialMyCalls to send out important outage alerts, appointment reminders and staff notifications with the click of a button.

Types Of Water Utility Text Messages Sent By DialMyCalls Customers

Set Up A Community Alert System

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Automated Notifications

Our water utilities alert system makes contacting your staff, as well as all of the residents of your community, quick and easy. Create a personalized recording, select your contacts and send them all the message instantly.

Payment Reminders

All types of Utility Providers use both our voice + text broadcasting services to send out payment reminders and notifications of upcoming service appointments – keep in touch with every single customer with ease!

Service Outage Alerts

Notify your entire municipality instantly when service outages occur and when they can expect service to be restored. Communicating with customers in a timely manner during outages can alleviate stress and generally leads to a better experience.

Why Use DialMyCalls As Your All-in-One Alert System?

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What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

“I have used DialMyCalls Services for almost ten years. I had used DialMyCalls at my previous employer and brought to my current place of employment shortly after my arrival. As a Public Housing Authority with a portfolio of 800 units of low income elderly/disabled and family housing we use DialMyCalls on an almost daily basis to inform and update our residents. The software is extremely user friendly and the majority of our staff utilizes the robo call tool. I would highly recommend using DialMyCalls for your business. We could not imagine being without DialMyCalls and their services.”

”DialMyCalls is a great added tool to our agency. We provide services to four Housing Authorities in North Central Mass. Using DialMyCalls has improved our process of relaying information to our tenants quickly. The options are great. You are able to categorize your different call list. We have been able to send messages out to individual Housing Authorities, individual groups, our staff and at times all four Housing Authorities at once.”

“We have used DialMyCalls for many years to notify our employees about office closures due to inclement weather, and more recently, with COVID notifications. It is an easy way to get the word out instantly to a large staff and ensure everyone gets the same message. We love having the option to send an alert with voice, email and text, providing maximum coverage.”

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