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Let's face it, people are really forgetful. Nothing is more frustrating than having an event and not getting the turn-out you expect. Most of the time this isn't due to people not wanting to come, it's just simply they forgot. With DialMyCalls you can send out a quick phone call or text message reminder the day before the event.

This is especially important for fundraisers and events that need people to show up. For only a few cents per call or text, you can send a fun and friendly reminder to everyone that has opted in to receive your alerts in just a few minutes.

Event Management System Case Study:

How First United Methodist Church of Unadilla NY Uses DialMyCalls' Event Management System.

Connect with the community for special events. First United Methodist Church of Unadilla, NY needed a church notification system capable of contacting 350-450 contacts at once.

Download the case study PDF here.

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Why Use DialMyCalls As Your Event Reminder Service?

Message Personalization

When sending out your party or event reminder you can make it fun and personalized! Many of our customers record funny and engaging messages that really helps their call stand out.

Life Events

Not only for events where you need a large turnout, but it's also great to let large groups of people know about special events in your life. We've had customers let their friends and family know when their baby is born, marriage proposal announcements and other big exciting events.

Telephone Polling

With our polling feature you can make instant RSVP calls! You can include an attendance message where the call recipient can push a key to reply whether or not they will attend. This is great for large events where you need to plan for food, shelter or any other number of things.

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

"Thank you for creating a web based business aide that is truly user friendly. As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for low cost, efficient and easy to use resources. Thank you for developing Dial My Calls."

- Trisch

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