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New York Experiences Extreme Flu Outbreak

new york flu outbreak

New York declares state of emergency due to the extreme influenza outbreak throughout the state.

According to Fox New Latino, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a public health emergency as a result of the extreme outbreak of influenza in the state. The online new agency goes on to state that at least two children have died since October (2012).

Governor Cuomo stated that the flu season will not be over until May and the health epidemic is “the worst since at least 2009.” According to a recent study, approximately five times the amount of flu cases have been registered in New York this season as compared to last season. (19,128 cases vs. 4, 404) That number is quite staggering which is why a system needs to be in place to alert citizens of extreme medical conditions which directly poses a threat to the entire state.

For more information regarding the flu outbreak in New York, please visit Fox News Latino.

DialMyCalls’ capability of sending a voice broadcast to thousands of people in an instant is an effective communication tool when it comes to medical emergencies. For example, New York just changed the age of which pharmacies could administer flu shots from 18 years and older to 6 years and older. Many citizens might not be aware of this change which is where DialMyCalls comes into the picture. Using our system, the state of New York could send all of its residents a medical alert via voicemail that would immediately notify them of the age change for flu shots.

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