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Employee Notification System

Send a phone call or text message to your employees within seconds. Whether it's immediate danger or plant/office closings, now you can let everyone know what's going on easier than ever before.

Employee Emergency Contact System

Different workplace environments may have different needs, but one thing is constant: in case of an emergency there needs to be a fast and reliable way to alert the entire staff, even at different locations.

DialMyCalls has the ability to contact everyone quickly and efficiently, letting you attend to the important task of taking charge of the crisis.

How Employers Can Keep Employees Informed

You have a responsibility to keep your employees informed and safe during an emergency situation. Trying to stay in touch with that many adults, sometimes in different locations, can be a challenge if you don’t have mass notification system already set up to deal with a crisis.


Send Out Emergency Calls & Text Messages

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An emergency is not going to wait for you to be at your desk before it presents itself. DialMyCalls makes sending a message from anywhere easy by offering a free mobile phone app that allows you to access your account no matter where you are.

Employee Notification Program In The Wake Of A Natural Disaster

Certain parts of the country are prone to different forms of natural disasters that could wreak havoc in your town and cripple your business. Depending on where you are located can make a difference in the types of emergencies you need to be prepared for.

Use the two-way text messaging option to check on the status of your employees and buildings in other locations and also to communicate with any employees who may have been out on the road when the tremor hit. From the details obtained in the responses, you can get a head start on restoring your business to operating condition at all locations.

You can help dispel that fear in your employees by staying in constant contact through your DialMyCalls account.


Employee Notification System

Evacuating Your Building Easier With Mass Emergency Alerts

Man-made disasters such as gas leaks and fires often force a building to be evacuated until the problem can be contained. Manufacturing plants involved in productions that involve a large number of chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticide companies are particularly prone to these types of emergencies.

To be prepared for a sudden building evacuation, you and your employees should already have a well-known exit plan in place as well as a nearby meeting place. As soon as you become aware of the crisis, log in to DialMyCalls and send all of your employees a text message alert that you have made and saved in the system.

The text should be short and to the point, along the lines of:

ALERT This is not a test. Stay calm and exit the building immediately.

As the details of the crisis emerge, use the voice broadcasting feature to relay more specific instructions. It is important at this point to use your own voice and remain calm. Your demeanor will work towards keeping your employees from panicking.

After the evacuation is complete, use two-way texting to do a head count of your employees. Have them respond back with a simple yes to the question: “are you okay?” Check your detailed broadcast reports to see how many have responded and follow up with those who haven’t. All of this can be done from outside of the building using the DialMyCalls app – although to check on two-way texting replies, you must login to the main DialMyCalls website.

Being prepared for an emergency is the best way to avoid any of your employees from getting hurt in one. Communication is critical during these times and you need a reliable system that can reach your entire work force quickly and easily. DialMyCalls has all of the features you need to do that and much more.

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