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Solar Flare Hits Earth, DialMyCalls Sends out Emergency Alerts

solar flare

DialMyCalls.com is prepared to send out notifications and emergency alerts in response to the solar flare that is headed for earth.

Today might seem like a normal day to everyone but for The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) it’s a complete different story. U.S. Space experts are monitoring recent solar flare activity which has spawned a giant geomagnetic storm which is currently racing towards Earth!

While we don’t have a cataclysmic event on our hands, scientists have warned us that upon the arrival of this massive geomagnetic storm, power grids, airplane systems and certain types of GPS (space-based) may in fact be affected.

Send Your Own Emergency Alerts

In the event that this powerful sun storm does knock out power and certain types of communication systems, DialMyCalls will be there to help spread the word. Our mass notification system can send out millions of voice/text based emergency alerts to the different groups effected by the solar flare plasma ejection. (oil drillers, surveyors, air traffic controllers)


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