The term Opt-In is associated with call or text recipients that are giving permission to organizations or individuals to contact them via voice or SMS broadcasts.

Members using the DialMyCalls SMS + Voice broadcasting system are required to only contact numbers that have opted in to receive communications from them.

SMS Keywords simplify the way in which members can create opt-in lists for text messaging. Customers or members can simply text a personalized keyword to your local vanity texting number or a dedicated short code (contact us for more information on purchasing a dedicated short code) at which point they will be automatically opted in to receive text messages from that account – contacts are immediately added to a specified group within your admin panel.

For example, a local pizza shop can have a sign on the counter that says “Text ‘PIZZA’ to [local vanity texting number] to receive weekly specials” – any customer that does so will be automatically added to that member’s account.