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Mass Texting Service for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits are turning to text messaging as a way to keep in touch with donors & members. Now that everyone has a cellphone, it's become an extremely valuable and cost-effective means for communicating with people more easily than ever before.

How To Use A Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits

Despite not making any personal profit from the services or support your nonprofit organization provides, you still need to generate revenue in order to remain an effective entity. To do this you rely heavily on donations from fundraising. Keeping the interest in your organization that you need to make these efforts a success can be overwhelming. DialMyCalls can ease some of that responsibility by assisting you with your communication needs.

In order to successfully raise funds, your organization needs to communicate a strong case for your cause. There are thousands of organizations like yours who rely on donations, and you need innovative communication tools to make yours stand out from the others. A mass texting service for nonprofits could be just the tool for the job.


Mass Texting for Nonprofits

Send Text Message Notifications to Donors

One way to do this is by staying in touch with your donors. DialMyCalls’ text message notifications will help you do this in a non-invasive way. Your donors are there because they are fans of the work you are doing. Show your appreciation by thanking them for their support consistently and keeping them updated on your organization’s progress.

Your busy schedule may make you forget the importance of contact after the fundraising event. No one wants to feel like their generosity was overlooked. In the days following a fundraising event you could thank your donors and participants with an SMS text message.

Set Up A Nonprofit Notification System

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DialMyCalls will make this easy for you. With your supporters’ contact information loaded into a secure database, you can log in and create a text message that describes how the funds raised are being used and thanking the participants for making that possible. When you keep supporters up-to-date on your progress and let them know how their contributions make that possible, you keep them interested and involved.


Donor Text Messages

Integrating A Mass Texting Service For Nonprofits Into Your Operations

Integrating DialMyCalls into your nonprofit organization is a simple process. There are no hardware devices needed nor will you have to download any software onto your computer. You simply sign up for the service, create your account, and start loading your contacts. Customize your contact lists into different categories and you are ready to send SMS text messages to your supporters, donors, and staff.

Of course communication is important before your events as well, to let your supporters know what you are planning and when and where they can participate. Use the SMS text messaging service to send details of your upcoming fundraising events and ask that they participate.

In today’s society, people view text messages as a non-invasive, yet fast way to communicate. Instead of intruding on people with phone calls during inopportune times, you are respecting their busy schedules and allowing them to view the details of your events at their convenience.

When you show your donors that you genuinely respect them you can make a big difference in how committed to your cause they become. By keeping them informed about the positive effects they have on your organization, you are honoring their contributions and encouraging them to continue with their support.

Don’t overlook this important part of your responsibilities, let DialMyCalls help you to show the appreciation that your donors deserve.

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