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DialMyCalls offers a mass notification system that is perfect for sending out neighborhood alerts, rent reminders, and tenant notifications via voice + text message.

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Are you a property management company, HOA manager, Storage Unit Facility owner, or a landlord with several tenants? Using DialMyCalls you can send a phone call and/or text message to your entire neighborhood or all of your tenants instantly! There is no equipment or expensive hardware to buy; our service is completely web-based and once logged in you can setup and send out your call/text in minutes.

Thousands of HOA's, property management companies, storage unit facilities, and landlords across the country use DialMyCalls to send out important neighborhood alerts, rent reminders, or tenant notifications with the click of a button.

Community Alert System Case Study:

How Wilder Balter Uses DialMyCalls' Community Alert System.

Calls for various messages regarding their properties and the residents living there. Wilder Balter had each property manager typing up messages and hand delivering them to residents.

Download the case study PDF here.

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Why Use DialMyCalls For Your Community Reminders?

Automated Notifications

Managing several properties is a daunting task and our mass notification system makes contacting the HOA managers as well as all of the residents of each property quick and easy. Create a personalized recording, select your contacts and send them all the message instantly.

Rent Reminders

Storage Unit Facilities use both our voice + text broadcasting services to send out rent reminders and notifications of leases on units that are about to expire - keep in touch with every single tenant with ease!

Tenant Management

Landlords that have several properties with tenants to manage can set up automated alerts via voice or text to notify their tenants of rent that is due - keep your tenants informed so that their rent is on time.

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

"I work as a leasing consultant in a busy office. My church uses DialMyCalls.com, so I figured I would try using the service to reach out to prospective tenants. Within minutes of placing my call, the phone rings off the hook! I've lined up several appointments thanks to DialMyCalls.com."

- Stonebridge Apartments

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