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“I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!”

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9 Best Texting Services for Small Business 2024 (Ranked)

9 Best Texting Services for Small Business 2024

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to communication. Limited resources and budgets often make it difficult for these businesses to effectively reach their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This is where a reliable texting service can be a game-changer.

Texting has become an essential form of communication in today’s fast-paced world. It allows quick and direct communication with customers, employees, and other contacts. For small businesses looking to improve their communication strategy, finding the best texting service is crucial.

After extensive research and analysis, we have compiled a list of the top nine texting services for small businesses in 2024 ranked by DialMyCalls, a mass notification system that can send out calls, texts, and emails.

Why The Right Texting Service Can Be A Game Changer For Small Business

1. Cost-Effective

Texting services are much more affordable than traditional forms of communication such as phone calls or print advertising. This makes it a great option for small businesses with limited budgets.

2. Instant Communication

With texting, messages can be sent and received instantly, allowing for quick and efficient communication between businesses and their contacts.

3. High Open Rates

Studies have shown that text messages have an open rate of 98%, making it the most effective form of communication for reaching customers quickly.

4. Personalization Options

Many texting services offer personalization features such as using the recipient’s name in the message, making the interaction more personalized, and increasing engagement.

Mass Texting, Made Easy

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Best Texting Service For Small Business

DialMyCalls - Best Mass Texting Services



is a B2B SaaS platform and comprehensive mass notification system that offers businesses the ability to send out automated calls, mass texts, and bulk emails simultaneously. This makes it an ideal choice for small businesses looking for a one-stop solution for their communication needs.


  • 2-Way Communication
  • Mass Notification App
  • API & Integrations

2-Way Communication

Workplace Emergency 2 Way Texting

DialMyCalls allows businesses to have two-way communication with their customers and employees. This means recipients can respond to texts, emails, or calls directly, allowing for efficient and effective communication.

Mass Notification App

Mass Notification App - DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows businesses to send out mass notifications on the go. This is especially useful for small businesses with limited resources and employees who are always on the move.

API & Integrations

Convenient Integrations - DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls offers a robust API that allows businesses to integrate their existing systems with the platform. This makes it easier for businesses to streamline communication processes and save time.

SimpleTexting - Best Bulk SMS


SimpleTexting is a user-friendly texting service that offers businesses a simple and intuitive platform for sending out mass texts. Its easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal choice for small businesses with limited technical expertise.


  • Personalized Lists
  • Automated Texts
  • Highly Personalized Messages

Personalized Lists

Personalized Lists - SimpleTexting

“Use our opt-in tools to build an owned list that you can reliably reach every time you have something to share.”

Automated Texts

Automated Texts - SimpleTexting

“Connect to other apps to trigger event-based messages or set up a simple OOO text.”

Highly Personalized Messages

Highly Personalized Messages - SimpleTexting

“Ask your contacts questions with our Data Collection tool then use it to send personalized, relevant messages.”

EZ Texting - Best Bulk SMS

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a professional texting service that offers businesses the ability to send personalized texts, create drip campaigns, and track customer engagement. It also provides various features such as text-to-join, which allows customers to opt-in to receive text messages.


  • Trusted Numbers
  • Audience-Building Tools
  • AI Compose

Trusted Numbers

Trusted Numbers - EZ Texting

“Own a textable number within 48 hours thanks to EZ Texting’s long-standing and trusted relationship with wireless carriers.”

Audience-Building Tools

Audience-Building Tools - EZ Texting

“Grow an engaged text marketing contact list with QR codes, embedded sign-up forms, Keywords, and Team Inbox.”

AI Compose

AI Compose - EZ Texting

“Engage contacts with SMS and MMS that delight and drive action, powered by AI Compose, smart scheduling, and a free image gallery and editor.”

SlickText - Best Bulk SMS


SlickText is a user-friendly texting service that specializes in marketing campaigns. It offers drip campaigns, text-to-win contests, and automatic birthday messages. This makes it a great choice for small businesses looking to engage with their customers through targeted marketing efforts.


  • Automated Workflows
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Fully Featured Mobile App

Automated Workflows

Detailed Analytics - SlickText

“Provide your subscribers a personalized experience at scale with our automated workflow capability.”

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics - SlickText

“Gain useful insight into your text marketing efforts with our analytics dashboards.”

Fully Featured Mobile App

Fully Featured Mobile App - SlickText

“Manage your entire text messaging program on the go with our free mobile app.”

Twilio Logo


Twilio is a popular choice for businesses looking to integrate advanced technology into their communication strategy. It offers features like AI-powered chatbots, automated workflows, and programmable messaging that can be tailored to fit the needs of small businesses.


  • Programmable Messaging API
  • Conversations API
  • Verify API

Programmable Messaging API

Programmable Messaging API - Twilio

“Deliver text messages across preferred channels with an API for one-way, transactional messaging.”

Conversations API

Conversations API - Twilio

“Deliver text messages across preferred channels with an API for one-way messaging.”

Verify API

Verify API - Twilio

“Send one-time passwords (OTP) with a turnkey API for onboarding and verification use cases.”

Attentive Logo


Attentive is a texting service specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. Its focus on engagement and personalization makes it an excellent choice for small businesses looking to connect with their customers on a more personal level.


  • Personalized Experiences
  • Easy Content Creation & Rollout
  • User Segments

Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences - Attentive

“Use engagement data to segment audiences and create tailored messages for each subscriber with dynamic content.”

Easy Content Creation & Rollout

Easy Content Creation & Rollout - Attentive

“Instantly generate and schedule high-performing, personalized, multi-touch experiences and recurring sends that fit your brand voice and tone.”

User Segments

User Segments - Attentive

“Collect preferences using keywords or numbers that trigger a reply.”

TextMagic Logo


Textmagic is a popular choice for small businesses looking to improve their internal communication. It offers features such as group messaging, team collaboration tools, and the ability to schedule messages in advance.


  • Adaptable Mass Texting
  • Smart Import
  • SMS Chat Inbox

Adaptable Mass Texting

Adaptable Mass Texting - TextMagic

“Send business-critical text messages to a handful of people or thousands of contacts simultaneously with our mass texting feature.”

Smart Import

Smart Import - TextMagic

“Import contacts from a spreadsheet, organize them into marketing lists, and send personalized text messages and campaigns to your target audience.”

SMS Chat Inbox

SMS Chat Inbox - TextMagic

“Build trust and satisfaction by efficiently responding to urgent questions and concerns as soon as they reach your SMS chat inbox.”

Textedly Logo


Textedly offers a 14-day free trial without a credit card to test out their platform and see if it meets the needs of your business. This is perfect for small businesses who want to try different texting services before committing to one.


  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Texting For Teams
  • Extended Messages

2-Way Text Messaging

2-Way Text Messaging - Textedly

“We offer 2-way text messaging services, so you can resolve conversations quickly and efficiently.”

Texting For Teams

Texting For Teams - Textedly

“Our Teammates feature does more than just allow you to assign additional users to your account – it also gives you the option to assign each person their phone number.”

Extended Messages

Extended Messages - Textedly

“We offer up to 455 characters on all SMS messages”

TextUs Logo


TextUs is a business texting platform designed specifically for internal communications. It allows businesses to easily communicate with their employees through text messages, improving efficiency and productivity. TextUs also offers features such as contact management and automated campaigns.


  • SMS Automation & Campaigns
  • SMS Conversations
  • Texting Templates

SMS Automation & Campaigns

SMS Automation & Campaigns - TextUs

“Enhance employee and contractor engagement through the utilization of robust campaign features, automated text messages, and customized drip campaigns specifically designed for your organization.”

SMS Conversations

SMS Conversations - TextUs

“TextUs is a top-notch texting solution for workers that offers a wide array of conversational features that enhance workforce productivity and streamline workflow efficiency.”

Texting Templates

Texting Templates - TextUs

“Remove the guesswork with shared or personal text templates that streamline your workflow and maximize contact engagement.”

How To Choose The Best Texting Service For You

When choosing a texting service for your small business, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and budget. Here are some factors to keep in mind based on Capterra’s user-based rating system.

Ease Of Use

The best texting service for small businesses should be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface and a simple setup process, especially one that aligns with your company’s current technological capabilities and systems.

Customer Service

As a small business owner, you may have questions or encounter issues while using the texting service. It’s crucial to choose a provider with reliable customer support that can assist you in a timely and efficient manner. Look into where their offices are located and if their hours align with your time zone and working hours.


Different texting services offer a range of features, so it’s important to determine which ones are essential for your business. Some popular features to look for include mass messaging, scheduled messages, and the ability to create and manage contact lists.

Value For Money

The cost of the texting service should also be a significant factor in your decision. Consider the features and benefits offered by each provider to determine which one offers the best value for your business.

PlatformEase of UseCustomer SupportOther FeaturesPricingScore
EZ Texting4.

Start Sending Mass Texts For Your Business Today

Whether you are a small business owner looking to improve communication with your customers or an HR manager trying to streamline internal communications, finding the right texting service is crucial. After thorough research and analysis, we have compiled a list of the best texting services for small businesses in 2024.

At the top of our list is DialMyCalls – the best overall texting service for small businesses. With its mass notification system that can send out calls, texts, and emails, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs. It also has advanced features such as scheduling messages and personalized sender IDs.

In conclusion, finding the best texting service for your small business will greatly improve your communication strategy and help you stay connected with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. With our list of top-ranked services by DialMyCalls as a guide, start sending mass texts for your business today and see the difference it can make.

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