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Snow Day Text Alerts: How to Send (Fast) + Examples

Posted by Tim Smith in Emergency Notification on February 23, 2024

Snow Day Text Alerts: How to Send (Fast) + Examples - DialMyCalls

Snowy days may be beautiful, but they also bring significant risks and concerns with movement and mobility. From visibility and transportation issues to increased risk of slips, heavy snowfalls can be quite dangerous in public or outdoor settings. So, failing to inform people not to make an appearance jeopardizes their safety and gives your organization a poor image overall.

On snowy days, you want to send timely, accurate messages to discourage unnecessary movement and keep people away from your premises. Here, you’ll see how to send snow day text alerts fast, with examples and guides to creating your message. Let’s begin.

How to Write Effective Snow Day Text Alerts 

Snow day text alerts can make all the difference in your organization when there’s poor weather, but to achieve this, you must note certain points. Getting the best results out of your snow text alerts largely depends on the strategies, techniques, and content of your message. Let’s look at a few things you can put in place to ensure top-notch text messages for snowy days.


First, your message must be timely and should get to the members of your organization as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a scheduled message in accordance with weather forecasts or an instant message, it should give the recipients enough time to make any required preparations. Using DialMyCalls, you can send instant, scheduled, or recurring messages to several contacts simultaneously, depending on your establishment’s needs.

Multiple Communication Channels

A common mistake is sending messages using a single communication channel. Text messages are convenient and have a high open rate, but solely depending on them leaves chances of people missing your alert. With other channels like email and even social media, you get a wider reach and, consequently, more responses.

Mass Texting, Made Easy

Send Bulk Text Message Campaigns in Seconds

As one of the best mass texting services available, DialMyCalls offers an Email Your Message feature that lets you convert your SMS to email without stress. Moreover, with our Share Your Message feature, you can instantly broadcast your snow text alert on your social media pages. This way, users who fail to open your text can still stumble on your message online or through email and respond accordingly.


Additionally, our platform lets you customize your message to include important details for your recipients. Sending a snow day text alert early but without the required information provides little help to the recipient. So, a well-written message should contain information like the reason for closure, duration, contact details, and any alternative arrangements.

How to Send Snow Day Text Alerts

The right platform makes sending snow day text alerts to people in your organization easy and fast. With DialMyCalls, you can create and send text messages during the worst winter storms to help keep your employees, subordinates, or students as safe as possible. In this section, we’ll show you how to send snow day text alerts with DialMyCalls instantly, so keep reading.

  • Create an account and log in to your dashboard
  • Add or import your contacts
  • Select New Broadcast on your dashboard
  • Create customized message
  • Send the message or share online if desired
  • View the report on the Broadcast Reports tab

Step #1: Create an Account

DialMyCalls requires you to have an account with the platform before you have access to any services. Registering is completely free, and you get 25 free credits on signing up. However, for further use and access to premium features, you’ll need to purchase more credits or sign up for the available plans. After creating an account, you should be able to see your dashboard.

Step #1: Create an Account - Snow Day Text Alerts

Step #2: Add or Import Your Contacts

Mass texting services need your contacts to be able to send messages, so you must input your contacts after creating your account. Although you can do this manually, DialMyCalls also allows you to import your contacts from existing files to save time. Furthermore, you can organize contacts into select groups for easier targeting. Click Contacts, then either Manually Add, Quick Add, or Upload List, depending on your preferred method.

Step #2: Import Contacts - Snow Day Text Alerts

Step #2: Add Contacts - Snow Day Text Alerts

Step #3: Select New Broadcast on Your Dashboard 

After setting up your contacts, select the New Broadcast tab on your dashboard.

Step #3: Select New Broadcast on Your Dashboard  - Snow Day Text Alerts

Then, from the options, select Text Message.

Step #3: Text Message - Snow Day Text Alerts

Step #4: Create Customized Message

Next, select what contacts you want to reach before creating your message. With DialMyCalls, you can message groups, individuals, or even all your contacts, depending on your message or request, right from one platform. For example, a school owner can send texts to parents and staff in separate groups or contact an individual snow shoveling business for help with clearing the premises.

Step #4: Select Contacts - Snow Day Text Alerts

Choose your short code and keyword to help recipients identify you. You get a demo keyword on opening your account, but if you want a premium, more personalized keyword, you’ll need to pay an affordable $4.95. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a monthly plan to access it without an additional fee.

Customize your message in the text box, including the necessary information and contacts. However, ensure you keep your message brief, as you’re allowed only 157 characters (including your keyword).

Step #4: Create Customized Message - Snow Day Text Alerts

Step #5: Send the Message or Share Online

After composing your message, select when you want it sent, whether instantly, scheduled, or recurring. Click Next, look over your details to ensure accuracy, and then Send.

Above, we saw the importance of multiple communication channels, and DialMyCalls gives you the option to broadcast your texts on social media. To do this, scroll down and select the Share Your Message Online option.

Step #6: View the Report on the Broadcast Reports Tab

Knowing the performance of your text broadcasts is essential for sending effective snow day text alerts. On the Broadcast Reports tab under Broadcasts on your dashboard, you can view your SMS’ reach and see a detailed record of its performance. This analysis enables you to direct your efforts for better results.

Step #6: View the Report on the Broadcast Reports Tab - Snow Day Text Alerts

Text Message Broadcast Report

6 Text Message Examples for Snow Days

How you word your messages dictates the response you’re likely to get from your recipient. People appreciate and are more likely to respond to detailed, polite messages compared to vague ones. Below, we’ll give you six text message examples for snow days, depending on your organization, so keep reading.

Example 1: School Snow Day Text Alert

Schools tend to have lots of movement from both children and staff. So, during heavy snowstorms, sending closure alerts shows care for their well-being and reduces the risk of slip accidents. Here’s an example:

Due to heavy snowfall, XYZ School will be closed tomorrow, (Date), for the safety of our students and staff. Please cover up and check for updates.

Example 2: Workplace/Business Snow Day Text Alert

With snowfalls, employees and clients may find transportation and navigating the premises difficult, reducing productivity and safety. However, workplace snow day text alerts prevent this and also communicate alternative work procedures. Here’s an example:

As a result of the inclement weather, XYZ Company will be closed today. Employees are advised to work remotely. Please stay safe and check your email for further updates.

Example 3: Community Snow Day Text Alert

Hosting community events in poor weather reduces attendance rates due to poor visibility, cold, and transportation problems. With community snow day alerts, you can communicate rescheduled times and ensure the general safety of your community. Here’s an example:

Attention! All (district name) events today are rescheduled till further notice due to snow. Stay safe and contact (phone number) for more details.

Example 4: Church Snow Day Text Alert

As a religious leader, concern for churchgoers should be a priority. Thus, holding church programs on snowy days isn’t in your members’ or staff’s best interests. With text alerts, you can cancel physical services and share alternative options. Here’s an example:

Due to inclement weather, all Sunday services at XYZ Church are canceled today. Please stay safe and warm, and join us online for worship at (link). God bless!

Example 5: Nonprofit Organization Snow Day Text Alert

Organizing volunteers or charity events is difficult on snowy days. With snow text alerts, you can reschedule events, prioritize safety, and still maintain information flow. Here’s an example:

Due to the severe snow, (Nonprofit name)'s event on (date) is canceled. Stay safe, and we'll update you on rescheduling. Thank you for being so understanding.

Example 6: Gym/Beauty Utilities Snow Day Text Alert

Keeping clients happy and showing concern for them is a foolproof way to secure their loyalty. By sending snow day text alerts, you can communicate respect for their patronage and assure them that their safety is important to you. Here’s an example below:

Due to weather conditions, (Utility Name) will close today. All appointments are canceled. Stay safe and warm. Updates on reopening will follow soon.

Start Sending Mass Texts With DialMyCalls Today

Using a text message for snow days is an excellent way to improve safety and protect people from hazards on snowy days. Without such timely, accurate messages, your organization is likely to be in disorder in poor weather, leaving employees, colleagues, clients, or students groping for directions.

By sending snow day text alerts with mass texting services like DialMyCalls, you can keep your establishment running smoothly, irrespective of weather conditions. Sign up with DialMyCalls and run a safety-first organization today.

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