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Amber Alert System Helps Find Missing Children Quickly

amber alert system

An Amber Alert System is critical in every city as finding missing or abducted children is an extremely serious situation – it is best to be prepared for the worst.

DialMyCalls offers an extremely efficient and effective Amber Alert System that small municipalities, cities and even whole states can use to alert their residents of missing children and child abductions. Quickly send out a text message to the entire community with the description of the missing child, the clothes he/she was wearing and the last place and time they were seen.

With our 2-way messaging system, residents who receive the initial Amber Alert text message can respond with updates on the whereabouts of the missing child – the city can view these responses online in their DialMyCalls control panel and follow up on potential leads that will help return the child safely.

On top of the text messages, a voice message can also be sent out to regular home phones that can’t receive text messages – an email alert will also be sent out as well.

Make sure your city is prepared for the worst by setting up an Amber Alert System using the DialMyCalls voice broadcasting services today!


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