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“I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!”

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15 Best Mass Texting Services in 2024 (Fastest Compared)

Posted by Tim Smith in Mass Notification System on January 15, 2024

15 Best Mass Texting Services in 2024 (Fastest Compared)

A mass texting service makes it easy to quickly send messages to large numbers of people without having to type out each one manually. But with so many different services available, which one is best?

To help answer this question, we’ll look at the top 18 best mass texting services in 2024 and compare them on features and benefits.

15 Best Mass Texting Services

DialMyCalls - Best Mass Texting Services

1. DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls is the best overall mass texting service in 2024. With their free account, you can send messages via text, email, or phone to a contact list of thousands of people in the blink of an eye.


  • Mass Notification App
  • Integrations
  • Phone Tree app
  • Broadcast Reports

Mass Notification App

With the DialMyCalls app, you can send mass notifications from your device of choice, making it easy to stay in touch no matter where you are – you can even add text messaging to a landline using our landline texting service.


Through their API, DialMyCalls can integrate your notifications into your company’s preferred communication medium.

Phone Tree App

Your team’s organization determines how effective your telemarketing and customer service will be. Implementing a dedicated phone tree for your team is one way to improve order and seamlessness when there is an incoming call.

Instant Communication, Whenever You Need It

Send Real-Time SMS & Voice Call Alerts from Anywhere

No customer wants to be put on hold for lengthy periods while making inquiries. With DialMyCalls’ phone tree templates, you can quickly get calls across to the designated or responsible people, shortening your client’s wait time and improving your general process.

Broadcast Reports

You can easily see the status of your messages on a large scale or employee by employee with DialMyCalls’ broadcast reports feature.

SimpleTexting - Best Mass Texting Services

2. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is the best mass texting service for small businesses. Their SMS marketing and 2 way texting make it easy to contact your team and/or customers with a personal touch.


  • Contact List Conversion
  • Criteria-Based Messaging
  • Follow-Up Texting

Contact List Conversion

Upload files to their system to generate a contact list in SimpleTexting.

Criteria-Based Messaging

Use criteria-inputting features to send messages to only people who need them.

Follow-Up Texting

Send follow-up texts to people who didn’t interact with your messages.

Informacast - Best Mass Texting Services

3. InformaCast

InformaCast is the best mass texting service for emergency messages. Through “intrusive, attention-getting audio, text, and visual alerts” InformaCast helps you and your team stay safe and informed.


  • Incident Resources Section
  • Fire Alarm-Inspired System
  • Saved Sequences

>Incident Resources Section

Make incident reports quickly and keep tabs on everything with saved resources.

Fire Alarm-Inspired System

Emergency notifications cut through daily noise with “intrusive”, cohesive messaging.

Saved Sequences

Send out notifications in seconds with saved sequences for emergencies.

Redflag - Best Mass Texting Services

4. RedFlag

RedFlag is the best mass texting service for those who need an easy-to-use solution. Their user-friendly interface is well-ranked, making it easy to get your team on board with a new system.


  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Account Manager
  • Push Notifications

Microsoft Teams Integration

Use Redflag through one of the most popular employee communication systems, Microsoft Teams.

Account Manager

Get customer service from your account manager with a direct line.

Push Notifications

Communicate easily through the app with push notifications.

Zendesk - Best Mass Texting Services

5. Zendesk Support Suite

Zendesk is the best mass texting service for communicating with customers. Using their support and analytics features, they help you send relevant messages to customers that keep them coming back.


  • Assign Questions
  • Automate Responses
  • App Integration

Assign Questions

Assign expert members of your team to answer questions they are well-versed in.

Automate Responses

Automate instant responses with pre-written articles on the subject.

App Integration

Use the most popular workplace apps to answer questions and send responses.

OneSignal - Best Mass Texting Services

6. OneSignal

OneSignal is the best mass texting service for generating customer engagement. They are driven to help you lessen your churn rate with their variety of communication options.

Keep Your Team Connected

Start Using Bulk SMS Today, and See the Difference


  • In-App Messaging
  • Targeted SMS
  • Journeys

In-App Messaging

Advertise your products/services within your app to specific customers.

Targeted SMS

Send texts to customers most likely to engage or to encourage new engagement.


Automate messages to send at the best possible times to keep users coming back.

Genesys - Best Mass Texting Services

7. Genesys Cloud CX

Cloud CX is the best mass texting service for connecting conversations across apps. Genesys is tailored specifically to helping communications related to customer service, keeping the customer experience centralized and more efficient.


  • Customer Dashboard
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cross-Platform Contact Info

Customer Dashboard

Keep tabs on past interactions with customers through the customer dashboard.

Real-Time Analytics

Know exactly how a message is received and predict responses with AI.

Cross-Platform Contact Info

Respond to questions using information about your customers from other platforms.

Mongoose Cadence - Best Mass Texting Services

8. Mongoose Cadence

Cadence is the best mass texting service for colleges and universities. Mongoose Cadence is intended to connect students, as well as faculty, parents, donors, and alumni, to create community on and off campus through SMS for schools.


  • Easy Contact Search
  • Schedule Send
  • Comprehensive Dashboard

Easy Contact Search

Search for recipients by first or last name or by ID or mobile number.

Schedule Send

Write messages ahead of time and send them whenever you want them to be received

Comprehensive Dashboard

Send texts and see the results of your activity all in one place.

Microsoft Azure - Best Mass Texting Services

9. Microsoft Azure

Azure is the best mass texting service for those who want a very scalable solution. Microsoft created Azure Notification Hubs to be incredibly flexible, from back ends to platforms to language and everything in between.


  • Security Center
  • Notification Hub
  • Code Access

Security Center

Make sure everything is secure whenever you want with Microsoft’s security center.

Notification Hub

Keep your notifications all in one place instead of going app by app.

Code Access

Get easy access to the code behind your notifications in the GitHub dashboard.

Mobile Text Alerts - Best Mass Texting Services

10. Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts is the best mass texting service for communicating with employees and customers. Focused on SMS communication, Mobile Text Alerts helps you with marketing and two-way communications all from one system.


  • SmartSMS Shortener
  • SmartSMS Image Generator
  • Smart Replies

SmartSMS Shortener

Make your messages concise and attention-grabbing with an AI paraphrasing tool.

SmartSMS Image Generator

Create original marketing pictures without a camera using AI image generators.

Smart Replies

Find new, easy ways to connect with users using in-app suggestions.

Wati - Best Mass Texting Services

11. Wati

Wati is the best mass texting service for businesses that use WhatsApp. Their WhatsApp Business API platform expands your operations to the often untapped marketing and communication platform.


  • Simple Dashboard
  • No-Code Chatbots
  • Shared Team Inbox

Simple Dashboard

See which campaigns were the most effective with an easy-to-read list.

No-Code Chatbots

Answer questions quickly with included chatbots that are easy to use and create.

Shared Team Inbox

Keep everyone in the loop and make sure messages are answered by sharing them.

One Call Now - Best Mass Texting Services

12. One Call Now

OnSolve’s One Call Now is the best mass texting service for nonprofits and small organizations. They are committed to making mass messaging affordable and simple over voice, text, and email.


  • Minimalistic Dashboards
  • Polling Feature
  • Catered Messages

Minimalistic Dashboards

One Call Now easily adapts to any device with a few simple categories to understand.

Polling Feature

Get accurate responses quickly with simple polls that are easy to send and answer.

Catered Messages

Send the same message in different ways based on user communication preferences.

Segmentify - Best Mass Texting Services

13. Segmentify

Segmentify is the best mass texting service for eCommerce businesses. Through a study in machine learning, their founders created an app designed to create a personalized, AI-powered experience.


  • Personalized Engagement
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Customer Data Management

Personalized Engagement

Use tailored messaging and user data to make messages that will grab a user’s attention.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Reach your customers wherever they’re looking using data from other experiences.

Customer Data Management

Categorize the customers subscribed to your content to send them personal messages.

Regroup - Best Mass Texting Services

14. Regroup

Regroup is the best mass texting service for professional entities, like governments, healthcare, academia, etc. Their powerful notification software is helpful in both emergencies and daily operations for high-level organizations.


  • Mobile App
  • Mapping Crises
  • Desktop Notifications

Mobile App

Regroup’s free mobile app allows you to send, receive, and monitor messages.

Mapping Crises

Keep everyone informed of who could be impacted by an emergency through a map.

Desktop Notifications

Send notifications directly to your employees’ workspaces to make sure they get them.

Boulevard - Best Mass Texting Services

15. Boulevard

Boulevard is the best mass texting service for appointment-based self-care businesses. From massage therapists to nail artists to salon owners and everyone in between, Boulevard has ways to improve client experiences for your business.


  • Preparation Features
  • Client Profiles
  • Branded Marketing Campaigns

Preparation Features

Communicate with customers and have them fill out forms before they come in.

Client Profiles

Know exactly how to handle clients with a comprehensive information dashboard.

Branded Marketing Campaigns

Boulevard helps you build your client base with messages that are personalized to your business for your customers.

How To Choose The Best Mass Texting Service For You

Ultimately, the best mass texting service should be tailored to your needs. It’s important to think about the type of business you are for many of these services.

For example, DialMyCalls is a good all-around service, while Mongoose Cadence is made especially for higher education settings. A business will probably prefer DialMyCalls, while a college will find Cadence more helpful.

One Call Now is also built specifically for affordability, which will make it a much better choice for small businesses with a small budget than a solution like Regroup which is built for government agencies with a large budget.

You should also be thinking about your plans for what you want to communicate over your mass texting service. If you plan to communicate with customers primarily, look at a customer-focused solution like Zendesk instead of an employee-focused solution.

Or if you’d only like to communicate en masse about emergencies, think of using a service like InformaCast instead of a more casual solution. If you’d like to send texts over WhatsApp, Wati is a great choice, while other solutions offer more traditional communication channels like SMS, email, voice, etc.

To put it simply, you should look through our recommendations for what each service is best for, either above embedded in the service profiles or below in our list at the end of the article. With a bit of digging, you’re sure to find one suited to your needs.

All that being said, there are a few pieces of criteria that every mass texting service should have as a baseline to make them a successful and helpful addition to your company. We’ll look at those in-depth and see how each service listed matches up based on ratings from Capterra.

Ease of Use

This simply means how easy it is to use the software daily. This is an essential factor to consider if your company isn’t comprised of tech-savvy people or your customers are not used to using technology with your company, like if you primarily have customers from a physical storefront.


This refers to how the service breaks down the information it receives from you into manageable groups. This could look like many different things, like grouping new customers in one mailing list, putting all of your employees in marketing in a contact list, or saving related messages in the same place.

Ease of Admin

Your employees or customers don’t just need the software to be easy to use – it should also be easy for you to use the service’s features as the admin. This is a critical feature to look for if you aren’t well-versed in using communication technology or technology generally.

Positive Business Partnership

Whichever service you choose will ultimately be a new business partner for you. This feature is a rating of how positive your business relationship with the service is likely to be, which has to do with how good their customer service is, how accommodating they are to other business partners, etc.

Here is how each of the services we’ve looked over stacks up in these categories with a rating out of 5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. While many of them rank very high in most categories, DialMyCalls scored the highest in every category across the board, hence why we picked it as our best overall choice.

PlatformEase of UseCustomer SupportOther FeaturesPricingScore
Mongoose Cadence4.
Mobile Text Alerts4.
One Call Now4.
Zendesk Support Suite4.
Microsoft Azure4.
Genesys Cloud CX4.

All ratings above are from

Setup Your Mass Text Notification System Today

Mass texting services have become an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. They make it easy to quickly send messages to many people, saving time and money. As you can see from our comparison above, each mass text service offers unique features and benefits specific to it.

Here’s a list of what each mass texting service on our list is best for again:

  • DialMyCalls – best overall
  • SimpleTexting – best small business solution
  • InformaCast – best emergency message service
  • RedFlag – best in ease of use
  • Zendesk – best customer communication
  • OneSignal – best customer engagement generator
  • Cloud CX – best cross-app connection service
  • Cadence – best for colleges and universities
  • Azure – best in scalability
  • Mobile Text Alerts – best for communicating with employees and customers
  • Wati – best for businesses that use WhatsApp
  • One Call Now – best for nonprofits and small organizations
  • Segmentify – best for eCommerce businesses
  • Regroup – best for professional entities
  • Boulevard – best for appointment-based self-care businesses

To find the best one for your needs, consider our recommendations, as well as the ratings for ease of use, ease of admin, positive business partnership, and segmentation.

With the right mass text service in place today, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers more effectively tomorrow. Whether you’re using yours for emergencies or happy hour, church texting or corporation feedback, any one of these services is sure to help you connect with your team and/or customers on a deeper level.

If you’re still unsure, the best place to start your search is with our best overall pick: Dial My Calls. Their affordable pricing starts at just $6.74 per month or you can try it for free, so it’s super easy to give a mass texting service a shot.

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