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How can you send mass texts from an iPhone or Android mobile phone? DialMyCalls offers its easy-to-use group text app for churches for iOS and Android devices – quickly send bulk text messages to contact lists right from your phone.
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Over 40,000+ Organizations Rely On Us To Deliver Millions Bulk SMS Text Messages!

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Whether you are at the office or on-the-go, DialMyCalls can now be used to make communicating with your congregation a breeze! The texting app for churches will allow you to send a text message to hundreds or thousands of contacts in an instant.

Why Our Church Texting App is the Best!

Unlike competitors who do not offer mobile apps or offer limited features within their app, DialMyCalls’ church texting app has a wide variety of advanced features to use on the go.

DialMyCalls Church Texting App Features:

Whether you are looking to send group texts to all of your congregation or an automated phone call to a list of contacts, DialMyCalls is the solution for you. Best of all, the DialMyCalls iOS and Android church texting app is completely free to download.

Android and iPhone Versions Available

DialMyCalls now offers its robust church text app on iOS and Android devices at absolutely no charge. Mobile phone users can now set up mass text messages or phone calls to all of their contacts right from an iOS or Android device.
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Church Texting App for iPhone

The iOS church text app requires iOS 11.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – the app is completely free to download from the Apple App Store.

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Church Texting App for Android

The Android mobile app requires Android 5.0 and up and is completely free to download from the Google Play Store.


How Much Does a Church Texting App Cost?

The DialMyCalls texting app for churches is completely free to download and install. In addition to the free app, creating an account is also completely free, no contract or credit card required.

DialMyCalls offers a free automatic calling service that allows customers to send a 30 second message to up to 25 contacts, once per week. Do you need to send out more calls or bulk texts from within the app? Check out our different pricing options below:

DialMyCalls Pay-As-You-Go Credits

Purchasing credits from within the church texting app will allow you to send out mass texts and automated phone calls quickly and efficiently. 1 credit = 1 call to 1 number with a 30 second message OR 1 credit = 1 text to 1 number with 157 characters.


DialMyCalls Monthly Plans

Do you have a list of numbers that you will be texting multiple times throughout the month? DialMyCalls offers monthly plans based on the amount of unique numbers you will be contacting each month. Monthly plans for churches can send 30 mass texts or automated calls every 30 days to their allotted amount of unique numbers.


*When utilizing a monthly plan on DialMyCalls customers can send group church text messages from the app that contains up to 157 characters – extended texts can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.”

Church Congregation Opt-Ins
Church Congregation Opt-Ins

How to Set Up the Church Group Texting App

Church Congregation Opt-Ins

Have your congregation opt into receiving your church text message alerts using out opt-in widgets or by having them text into a keyword you create from within your DialMyCalls account.

Add Your Contacts

Use our keyword system to let people opt-in to your messages. If you already have a pre opted in list from another provider or list you can easily add your numbers.

Create A New Group Text Message

Quickly start a new bulk text right from within the DialMyCalls church texting app - send a text to hundreds or thousands of people all at once instead of contacting everyone individually.

Type Your Group Text

Type out the message you wish to be sent, select the contacts that will receive that message and the send your text immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

Detailed Text Message Report

View the results of your church text message using our detailed broadcast report that is generated for every message sent.

Sending a text message from your church to every contact in your phone can be time consuming and group texts have a tendency to irritate people with all of the responses coming in at once from several people. DialMyCalls offers a church texting app which lets you send a text message to all of your contacts in an instant.

Quickly type up a text message, select the contacts you’d like to receive that text and then send your message immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. Our mass texting app allows customers to send a text message from a long code SMS vanity number or a text-enabled landline phone number.

Churches can now set up customer support via text message with DialMyCalls’ 2-way text messaging service. The mobile app for iPhone and Android now features the full 2-Way SMS platform that was previously only available on the desktop version of DialMyCalls.

Set up a customer support hotline for your customers to text into and using the 2-way SMS platform you can reply directly back to incoming text messages, right from the DialMyCalls texting app for churches.

Church Texting App Features

2-Way Texting - Church Texting App

9 Ways Churches Are Using Our Church Texting App

Church Attendance

Keeping attendance rates up is all about keeping your members involved with what's going on.

Donation Requests

Check out these ideas you can use in your own church to help increase donations from your congregation.

Event Reminders

Reminding your church of special masses and events has never been easier using a church texting notification system.

Improved Prayer Chains

Technology has changed prayer chains forever; churches now tap into the power of automated text messages.

Mass Text Messages

Getting started with a church texting service will open the door to a plethora of new communication possibilities between you and your congregation members.

Prayer Requests

Use two-way texting to receive prayer requests to your church and then send a text message to everyone in your congregation with that prayer request.

Religious Education

Churches and religious schools need a reliable alert system for their congregation, students and parents.

Youth Group Communication

Send inspirational quotes and messages via text message and make youth group more fun than ever.

Weather Alerts

Let your congregation members know if church has been postponed due to severe weather in the area and keep in touch with them to let them know when it has been rescheduled.

Who Uses Our Mass Notification App?

What DialMyCalls Users Have To Say About The Service:

4.72 total rating based on 1200+ reviews across all platforms.
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Craig B.

Gets a message or notification out quickly and easily. Gives us a chance for that last event promotion we need.

Jim M.

We send out a DialMyCalls twice to three times a month and it has increased our attendance and has helped us stop hearing, “We didn’t know about that event!”.

Jenna M.

I am using DMC to send reminder calls to Volunteers and students in a program I am developing.

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Church Texting App FAQ

How secure is the data and contact information stored in the DialMyCalls church texting app?

Our customer’s privacy and data protection is of our utmost importance. We will never sell, release, disclose, or distribute any of the information stored within your DialMyCalls account. DialMyCalls uses military grade 256 Bit SSL encryption as well as routine PCI compliance scans to ensure your information is stored in a secure environment.

Can I integrate the church texting app with other software or church management systems?

Our church texting app can be integrated with thousands of different apps using Zapier. We also offer our own integrations as well as the ability to integrate our app with your pre-existing software using our robust API.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can add to the app?

With our credit based plans and pay as you go credits there are no limitations to the amount of contacts you can add to your account - you would just need enough credits to send messages to those contacts (1 credit = 1 call to 1 number with a 30 second message OR 1 credit = 1 text message to 1 number with 160 characters). Our contact based plan limits you to adding contacts based on the plan that you are on - the 25 number plan allows you to add 25 unique numbers to your account.

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