“I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With DialMyCalls.com, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. DialMyCalls.com is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!”

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Simplify Property Management for Residential Living

Posted by DialMyCalls Staff in Property Management on February 1, 2022

Simplify Property Management for Residential Living - DialMyCalls

The biggest challenge of managing a property and the people that live there is staying in communication with everyone. There are a million reasons you might need to get information out to an entire building as soon as possible, and a flyer isn’t going to cut it.

Email is Tired

You might think that email is the way to go, it’s been the standard in almost every industry for the past twenty years. But that ubiquity of communication has had unintended consequences for the effectiveness overall. Nowadays the average person’s inbox is absolutely overwhelmed with emails. Marketing emails, order updates and spam have gotten us accustomed to swiping away every alert we see, there’s hardly ever anything useful to be found in an email.

That’s why when you need to get in touch with your residents as quickly as possible, email is no longer the best way to do it. There is a way to get your open rate of messages to over 95% and cut through all the noise, and it’s text messaging.

Have it in Writing

We hope things go smoothly with your tenants, but if you do find yourself in a “he said, she said” situation, keeping a detailed record of your messages is critical. You can keep track of all your exchanges with each and every subscriber using DialMyCalls. When the problem is right there in black and white, there’s no room for disagreement about what was said and by who.

how to send a mass text with DMC


On a more positive note, this can be a useful tool for people with a lot on their plates. A brief review of your conversation with a tenant can quickly remind you of a broken faucet, a problem with a rent check, or a variety of other issues!

It’s Simple for Residents

Your tenants are already used to texting, it’s the primary mode of communication they use on their phones. For the past twenty years, people have gotten used to the constant barrage of email messages and just tune it out. If you want a place in your tenants’ minds it’s best to reach them alongside the conversations that really matter to them.

The same ease of use makes it simple for residents to get in touch with you about a variety of issues. You can set up a vanity phone number for residents to text about specific issues. Have them text to connect them instantly to your groundskeeper or to talk to someone in the billing office quickly and without any confusion.

Inform in Emergencies

There can be a lot of fires to put out as a landlord or property manager and keeping all of your tenants filled in about what’s going on is crucial. Maybe there’s a malfunction with the fire alarms, you can let your entire building know at once what’s going on. Quickly being able to get out information to residents in times of emergency will help prevent confusion when it matters most.

DialMyCalls Can Help!

The idea of setting up a new text message notification system can seem daunting. But with the tools offered by DialMyCalls, integrating mass texting into your current system couldn’t be simpler. Contact us today to talk about how you can get started boosting resident satisfaction.