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Tips on Getting Started With an SMS Marketing Campaign

Posted by Tim Smith in Customer Reminders on October 26, 2015

SMS Text Message Marketing Tips

The cell phone has evolved into much more than just a phone. It provides you with access to music, video games, your social networks and of course instant advertising. With the high probability that an SMS text message will be read, businesses have begun using them as a way to draw in new customers.

Businesses have quickly learned the value of text messaging as a marketing tool. This is an inexpensive way of reaching thousands instantly with just a click of the send button. Yet like email marketing, a business must ask permission of the consumer first before they start sending special deals and event invites via text message.

Building an opt-in list is a must if you plan on using a text message campaign to build your business. You don’t want a random list of names, but rather a database of interested customers where you can personalize messages based on what you know about them. This is not nearly as hard as you think with a carefully crafted plan for gathering opt-in numbers.

For Brick and Mortar Stores

Signs on doors, inside of dressing rooms and at the cash register that show your SMS keyword will grab the customer’s attention and get them initially interested in learning more. All employees that deal directly with the customer should be trained in how to talk up the program, and how by opting in they will be getting exclusive discounts on merchandise, and real-time notices for when their favorite items are going on sale. Cashiers should be explaining to each customer how text messaging opt-ins work. For example, I you were to use DialMyCalls’ text messaging system then your customer would simply text your custom SMS keyword to DialMyCalls’ shortcode (80123) and they will be opted in to receive alerts from you.

Always Offer an Incentive

We all love the feeling of getting free stuff or discounts designed just for us. Make sure you are giving people an incentive to opt-in. Restaurants could give a free appetizer, bars a discounted drink, and a store an extra bonus discount for their first purchase. When the customer weighs the value, they see a freebie for nothing more than handing over their cell phone number.

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants have an advantage over other business types in getting people to opt-in for SMS text messaging, since their customers generally spend more time in the restaurant. Put out table tents with your unique keyword with directions and an explanation on what they can get by opting-in. Make sure that your staff is trained to help customers opt-in if they need assistance.

Online Stores

If your business is primarily online you can still use SMS text messaging for advertising. Create a landing page that encourages visitors to fill out the form, letting them know that they will be getting exclusive information on your upcoming sales. Another way is by having the option at check-out, giving the customer an extra percentage off of that sale as an incentive for opting-in to receive your texts.

With the information you gather from the form, and the way in which your customer shops, you can send them messages relative to their habits and likes. With this type of in the hand, personalized marketing, you will see positive results in your bottom line.

*It is against DialMyCalls’ terms of service to send out any unsolicited marketing/sales text messages through our system – only recipients that have opted in to receive your text message alerts may be contacted.