Calling & Texting API For Developers

DialMyCalls’ mass notification system can be integrated into any new and/or existing service by utilizing our powerful API. Developers can seamlessly integrate voice broadcasting and/or texting into an application that benefits their business or organizations.

Tapping into a mass notification system as powerful as DialMyCalls will help close the communication gap that may be hindering your organization’s full potential. Our calling and texting API can manage contacts, create and broadcast messages, provide detailed reports as well as a plethora of other advanced features that our web-based platform offers.

Mass Notification API Integration (Video)

The first thing you will need to do to get started is create an account with DialMyCalls by heading over to the API Documentation section. Once signed up and logged in, you will be able to access your unique API Key which will allow you to begin using our platform.

Above Image: Navigate to the “Integrations” tab from within your account to get your unique API Key. (V2)


DialMyCalls API - Version 3
Above Image: Navigate to the “Integrations” tab from within your account to get your unique API Key. (V3


DialMyCalls API Key - Version 3
Above Image: View your DialMyCalls API Key. (V3)

We offer extremely detailed API documentation to help make the integration of our service into your new or existing software as easy as possible. A PHP SDK, which contains examples to help with the implementation of the REST API, is available for download as well.

Above Image: Our PHP SDK helps developers easily integrate our API into new or existing software.

How can our API benefit you or your organization? Below you will find a few examples of ways in which our mass notification service can be integrated into your existing or new software application:

  • Schools: Keep parents, teachers, faculty, and students in touch by adding the capability of mass notification to your school’s communication platform.
  • Churches: Contact your entire congregation at once with weekly prayer requests or event reminders.
  • Emergencies: Add the ability to send out emergency alerts via voice and text message broadcast by integrating our service into your emergency management software or website portal.
  • Property Management Companies: Broadcast rent reminders or notifications of upcoming HOA meetings by implementing our API into your existing property management software.
  • New Software/App Ideas: If you are starting from scratch, our API can help you launch a brand new business idea. Create a medicine reminder service, appointment reminder app for your doctor’s office or give people the ability to receive wake up calls to keep them from oversleeping – the possibilities are endless when it comes to our calling and texting API.

If you have any further questions regarding our calling and mass texting API for developers, please contact us.

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