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Staying Safe This Summer – How to Prepare for Peak Thunderstorm Season

Top 6 Summer Weather Safety Tips


The summer heat is still in full effect this August - and that means that throughout America, it's peak thunderstorm season. Typically, thunderstorms are the most dangerous in the Midwest throughout the entire summer - and peak season runs from May to late August.

Why are severe thunderstorms so much more common during the summer? During the warm summer months, cold air retreats to the north - and it brings warm, moist air with it.

This creates an unstable atmosphere that's conducive to massive supercells and thunderstorms - creating heavy winds, rain, hail, or even tornadoes, if conditions are right. Severe thunderstorms can be incredibly dangerous - so it's best to have a plan in place to deal with them, and stay safe during peak season!


Check Forecast - Top 6 Summer Weather Safety Tips

1. Always Check the Forecast

Checking the weather forecast is probably already part of your daily routine - but it's still important. Major thunderstorms can develop rapidly in only hours. If you're totally unprepared, you could be in danger of getting trapped in a parking lot, road, or other flooded areas. You could also be stuck outside during a dangerous hailstorm.

The first step to staying safe is to be informed - so whether you prefer checking the weather on TV, or using a smartphone app to see the daily forecast, make sure that you do so, especially if you see a large storm system rolling in.


Power Outages - Top 6 Summer Weather Safety Tips

2. Prepare for Power Outages

Large thunderstorms are the single most common cause of power outages. Lightning strikes can damage electrical grids directly, as can severe flooding. Strong winds and driving rain can also knock over electrical poles, smash trees, and render electrical wiring useless.

These power outages can resolve in a few hours - but may also require a few days. So be prepared for power outages - better safe than sorry! You'll want to have:

  • Ready-to-eat packaged food
  • A source of safe, potable water
  • Candles, lanterns, flashlights, and other light sources
  • A propane or gas-powered camping stove
  • First aid supplies 
  • Emergency cash (local stores may not be able to run credit cards during an outage)
  • Hand-cranked or battery powered emergency radio

Keep all of these things in a readily-accessible place, and it will be much easier to get through a power outage - whether it lasts two hours, or two days.

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DialMyCalls Case Studies – YMCA of South Florida (Nonprofit Notifications)

YMCA of South Florida - Nonprofit Notifications

DialMyCalls offers a nonprofit notification system that is used by thousands of nonprofit organizations all across the United States and Canada. Nonprofits rely on our automated calling and texting service to send out various notifications such as membership collection calls, fundraiser alerts, event reminders, volunteer outreach alerts, social club reminders, and much more. Let's take a quick look at how YMCA of South Florida utilizes DialMyCalls:

Why Did YMCA of South Florida Need a Nonprofit Notification System?

YMCA of South Florida had ~ 60% collections prior to signing up for DialMyCalls and wanted to increase that rate. DialMyCalls will send out messages when card on file is declined and can't bill for YMCA membership.

Why Did YMCA of South Florida Choose DialMyCalls?

YMCA of South Florida was referred to DialMyCalls by another YMCA in Orlando that uses us.

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Our Top Tips for Running a Bike Rental Shop

Top 7 Bike Rental Shop Tips


A bike rental shop is a great business to have, especially in top tourist destinations like Florida, and other tropical areas. Everyone loves riding bikes in the gorgeous weather, and there's always plenty of beachside foot traffic, so it won't be hard to promote your business!

But if you're running a bike rental shop, you may still be wondering how you can maximize your profits, minimize running expenses, and run a more successful business. If that's the case, you're in the right place!

In this guide, we'll discuss some tips that bike rental shop owners can use to run a more effective and profitable business.


Maintenance - Top 7 Bike Rental Shop Tips

1. Keep Your Bikes Well-Maintained

If you run a larger bike rental shop, it may be difficult to keep all of your bikes in tip-top shape. But it's well-worth the effort. If you maintain your bikes properly, they will function well, and provide a comfortable, safe ride to your customers.

Not only that, maintaining your bikes is the best way to preserve your investment into your rental bicycles. If your bikes are not well-maintained, they will begin to deteriorate. The chains could become loose, brakes will wear down, poorly-inflated tires may burst, and rust may even start to build up.

If you don't take the time to maintain each of your bikes as soon as you get them back, your inventory is going to start deteriorating quickly.


Cleanliness - Top 7 Bike Rental Shop Tips

2. Clean All Returned Bikes Immediately

Most beachside bike rental companies tell renters not to ride their bikes on the beach near the water - because saltwater can be extremely corrosive to the steel components of bicycles.

In an ideal world, renters would be fine with this - but in real life, they tend to ride their bikes on the beach and get them wet anyway. This is out of your control - though if you do notice saltwater stains or sand, you may be able to charge them for violating the rental agreement.

This is one of the reasons it's so important to clean each bike thoroughly once it has been returned. If you do remove salt and other debris from the bike, it's less likely to rust.

You may even want to consider using a rust-proofing product on your bikes. If you spray your bikes with rust-proofer every few months, they're much less likely to be affected by corrosion.

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DialMyCalls How To: Wedding Planner Sends Out Mass Notifications via Automated Invitations

Wedding Planners Send Automated Invitations

DialMyCalls offers a beneficial SMS and voice broadcasting tool for wedding planners as they attempt to invite both the bride to be and groom's entire list of friends and family.

A wedding planner probably has one of the hardest jobs on Earth, making sure the bride and groom are all happy on what is arguably the most important days of their lives. On top of seating arrangements, catering, decorations, proper venue, music, cake and let's not forget the bride's dress, the wedding planner has to also invite all of the couples friends and family. Tradition has it that a formal R.S.V.P. invitation will be sent out via mail and the wedding planner will then arrange the seating / food based on the responses. 

All of these tasks can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Planning a wedding requires being organized so everything stays on track and runs smoothly. Planning a wedding can also be very time consuming when you are having to oversee every last detail. Using a service such as DialMyCalls can save you a lot of time and take some of the stress off of your shoulders, by offering a much more effective system with our automated wedding invitations. How does it work you might ask?

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5 Tips for Keeping Sports Leagues Going in the Summer

Summer Sports Leagues Tips

The fun and excitement of practice and games has a tendency to fizzle out once school lets out. Pool parties, amusement parks and family trips make it hard for a coach to keep a schedule for little league and other sports during the summer months. If you want to be sure to have a full roster of players for the entire season, you may need to rearrange your coaching tactics.


Summer Sports League Tips - No Pressure

1) Don't Apply Too Much Pressure

Don't forget that this is a break time for kids. Keep your league light-hearted in the summer time, and try to be more flexible with scheduling and expectations. Avoid over emphasizing the importance of winning, and focus instead on sportsmanship and teamwork. This will encourage kids who are struggling to try harder without making them feel bad if they fail.

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Organizing A Successful Office Volunteer Day – What You Need To Know

Top 8 Office Volunteer Day Tips

If you're a human resources director - or you're just looking to give back to the community and organize an office volunteer day - you may be wondering how you can get started, and make sure that you maximize co-worker participation.

You're in the right place! In this article, we'll take a look at the best practices you can use to get your whole company involved in a volunteer day. Take a look at this guide, and you'll be able to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.


Plan - Top 8 Office Volunteer Day Tips

1. Start Planning Several Months in Advance

The sooner you begin planning your event, the better. Juggling the busy schedules of your workers is not always easy, especially when you consider vacations, business trips, conferences, and other such events. Ideally, you will want to choose a date when the vast majority of workers can participate, should they elect to.

One great way to get started is by compiling a list of potential dates and emailing them to your co-workers in a Google Sheet or an Excel spreadsheet, and having them rank each date in order of preference.

This way, you can choose the date that is the best for most of your coworkers, and make sure that everyone who is able to participate can do so.


Corporate Events - Top 8 Office Volunteer Day Tips

2. Keep Corporate Schedules and Events in Mind

When you schedule a volunteer day, you will also want to consider corporate scheduling conflicts. For example, if you were thinking about scheduling an event for June - but your corporate fiscal year ends in July - you may want to reconsider. Most people will likely be concentrating on their work, and will be unable to participate.

It's usually best to schedule a volunteer day during the "slow season" at your company. For example, if you work at a retail company, you could schedule the volunteer day for February or March, after the winter holidays are over.

This ensures that you will get as many participants as possible, and you'll be able to make a real difference in the community.

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