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How to Set up Your Own Press-1 Phone Call Campaign

Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns


A press-1 phone call campaign allows for automated call recipients to press the 1 key on their phone to be connected to a live representative for more information. Live transfer calls are often used for sales leads but organizations such as churches, sports leagues, property management groups, and many more utilize the benefits that these types of calls can offer. Let's take a dive into just how press-1 call campaigns work and take a look at how you can utilize them for your organization.

How Does a Press-1 Phone Call Campaign Work?

Organizations looking to reach a list of contacts all at once can set up their own mass notification system. With DialMyCalls, once an account is set up, customers are able to add the press-1 for live transfer option to any automated call that they set up in our system. Simply add your list of contacts to your account, create a recording to be sent out, then when you go to set up your broadcast, select the "Push-To-Talk" option which is our version of a press-1 phone call campaign --- you are able to select which phone number your contacts will be transferred to should they decide to press 1 for more information.

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Who Can Use Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns?

Lead generation robocalls are typically associated with press-1 phone call campaigns but there are many other ways in which this technology can be utilized. Organizations ranging from churches to property management groups can use live transfer calling. Below are a few different types of organizations using press-1 phone call campaigns:


Churches & Religious Organizations - Press 1 Phone Call Campaigns

Churches and Religious Organizations

Pastors and church secretaries are able to send out automated prayer requests, church bulletins, donation reminders, and much more using a system such as DialMyCalls. Using a press-1 campaign, members of their congregation will be able to speak directly to the pastor for more information regarding upcoming church services or to request a special prayer during the next service.

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5 Simple Ways Landlords Can Communicate More Effectively With Tenants

Top 5 Tenant Communication Tips for Landlords


One of the most important things that you can do as a landlord or property manager is foster a good relationship with your tenants. If you are on good terms with your tenants, and you have a relationship built on trust and communication, things will be much easier for you.

By keeping open lines of communication, and treating your tenants with respect, you can avoid acrimonious and difficult disputes about lease policies, move-outs, security deposits, and dozens of other issues.

So, how can you best improve your ability to communicate with your tenants? Here are a few of our top tips. Read on, and see how you can become a better landlord - and enjoy a better relationship with all of your tenants.


Open Door Policy - Top 5 Tenant Communication Tips for Landlords

1. Have An "Open Door" Policy

The first thing you should do is make it clear that you are always available to talk to your tenants, and willing to respond to their questions. Whether it's a question about their lease, a request for a rent payment extension, or an issue with a different part of your facility, tenants should always feel comfortable contacting you.

This "open door" policy has a number of benefits. It makes tenants feel valued and appreciated, it helps you keep on top of maintenance and repair issues, and it ensures that you foster an atmosphere of mutual respect with all of your tenants.


Repair Requests - Top 5 Tenant Communication Tips for Landlords

2. Always Respond to Repair Requests as Quickly as You Can

We know that being a landlord isn't easy - and when you're juggling the dozens of responsibilities property ownership entails, it's not easy to schedule emergency repairs, or respond to every repair request.

However, a landlord that is unresponsive to service and maintenance requests is one of the primary issues reported by tenants when they're asked about how they feel about their landlords.

To make sure that you prioritize repair requests properly, it may be a good idea to set up two different repair hotlines with a service like DialMyCalls.

You could create an emergency hotline where tenants can report things such as gas leaks and utility issues, broken windows, water damage, plumbing problems, and other emergency problems.

Then, you can create a different repair line for less-than-critical repairs, such as fixing holes in walls, repainting, and other primarily-aesthetic issues.

This lets you prioritize emergency maintenance, and still be aware of all other maintenance requirements of your tenants. That's a win-win!

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The Top 6 Signs Administrators May Need to Cancel School in the Winter

Top 6 Reasons to Cancel School in Winter Months


In the winter, school administrators often have to cancel school for inclement weather. Snow, ice, and extreme temperatures can mean that it's simply not safe to have children come to school.

But it's often hard to tell whether or not you should cancel school in the winter, and decisions to cancel school can be controversial. This is because snow days are often made up by shortening summer or spring breaks.

So how can you tell when you've got a real emergency on your hands, and when is it okay for your student to brave the wintry weather? Find out with this handy guide from DialMyCalls.


Emergency - Top 6 Reasons to Cancel School in Winter Months

1. A Snow Emergency Has Been Called by the Government

This is a no-brainer. If a snow emergency has been called by the local municipal government, you should delay the opening of your school until roads are clear, or consider canceling classes altogether. Commonly, there are 3 levels of snow emergency:

  • Level 1 Snow Emergency - Drifting, blowing snow is making roads hazardous, and roads may be icy. Caution is encouraged while driving. You may want to delay the opening of your school until the roads are clear.
  • Level 2 Snow Emergency - Significant snowfall and very icy roads make driving dangerous. You should consider canceling classes at your school.
  • Level 3 Snow Emergency - Roads are closed to all non-emergency personnel. Nobody should be driving except for emergencies or other essential travel purposes. Holding school is impossible.

These levels vary between local and state governments. Pay attention to the snow emergency level, and use it as a guide when deciding whether or not to cancel classes.

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How Hobby Shops Can Market to Customers More Effectively

Top 4 Hobby Shop Marketing Tips


Times are tough for many small businesses in America, and around the world. Hobby shops have been hit especially hard by the growth of online retail - it's hard to compete with rock-bottom prices, and a huge selection of specialized products.

But there are still thousands of hobby shops - and with the right marketing techniques, any hobby shop can market to customers more effectively, grow their customer base, and increase profits.

In this article, DialMyCalls will look at some helpful tips that can help hobby shops gain more customers, and compete with online marketplaces. Let's get started now!

Diversify - Top 4 Hobby Shop Marketing Tips

1. Diversify Your Merchandise to Appeal to More Customers

Traditionally, hobby shops were associated with things like model building, miniature painting, remote-controlled vehicles, and other such items. These products still make up the bulk of most hobby shop stores - and that's a good thing, of course.

However, it may be a good idea to expand your products somewhat. Toys and hobby-oriented merchandise are great, and appeal to your core consumers - but you need to bring in more than just passionate, regular customers if you want to increase sales.

One of the biggest areas where hobby shops can increase sales is in the world of RC drones, or quadcopters. Drones are becoming very popular, and flying drones is a great recreational activity. Many hobbyists are also building their own drones - and they're willing to shop locally for parts, because they know they'll be able to return them easily if they do not work properly, or don't fit.

Board games are another area where hobby shops can get quite a few customers. Millennials are crazy about board games, and often seek out new and unique board games that cannot be found at most retail stores. If you stock unique, in-demand board games like Pandemic, Ticket To Ride, and others, you may be able to bring in more customers.

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7 Reasons Voice Message Marketing Is Incredibly Effective

Top 7 Voice Broadcast Marketing Tips


Modern businesses have dozens of marketing tools available to them. From SMS messaging to emails, flyers, direct mail, social media messaging, and search engine marketing... you get the picture.

There are so many ways to stay in touch with your customers that it can be hard to understand which techniques are the most effective.

However, there is one often-underlooked marketing tool that you can use to help build your business, bring in more customers, and create a more loyal consumer base. Voice broadcast marketing.

Voice message marketing uses specialized software to send custom-tailored voice messages to customers - and engage with them in a personal, one-to-one way. Tools like DialMyCalls make it easy for companies to use voice messages in their marketing campaigns - learn more about the benefits of doing so now!


Customize - Top 7 Voice Broadcast Marketing Tips

1. You Can Customize Each Message

If you need to send personal, customized messages to specific customers - say, a past customer who has not come back to your business for a while - tools like DialMyCalls make it easy to do so.

You can quickly record, customize, and send a voice message to a particular customer. In only moments, you can create an effective, personal message that is sure to help you connect with your customers, and bring them back to your business.


Mass Notify - Top 7 Voice Broadcast Marketing Tips

2. You Can Send Voice Messages to Hundreds of Customers at Once

Of course, you won't always want to send a message to just one customer. But with a service like DialMyCalls, you can also send your voice messages to dozens, or even hundreds of customers at once - ensuring that you can easily broadcast announcements about your business, special promotions, and more.

Best of all, these voicemails can be sent to customized lists of customers. For example, you could send a voicemail about lunch specials at your restaurant to regular customers. Then, you can also send a different voicemail with a discount or special promotion to customers who have not come to your restaurant recently.

By targeting different groups of opted-in customers with customized voicemails, you can maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

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Marketing Tips for Your Lawn Maintenance Company

Top 7 Lawn Maintenance Company Marketing Tips


Whether you've just purchased a shiny new zero-turn mower, are planning on starting a lawn mowing business, or you're a seasoned veteran in the lawn mowing industry, you can always benefit from some extra guidance when it comes to marketing.

At DialMyCalls we're here to help you market your business properly. Take a look at this list of the top marketing tips for lawn mowing companies, and you're sure to gain some valuable insights that will help you build your business. Let's get started.


Market Early - Top 7 Lawn Maintenance Company Marketing Tips

1. Start Marketing Early in the Year

If you're operating in America, there's a good chance that your company is seasonal. You're not likely to do much lawn mowing in the winter - when most of America is blanketed in snow. There are exceptions of course - if you live in Florida, you can mow lawns all-year-round.

You should still start marketing your services early in the year. Typically, people begin mowing their lawns in late March or early April, when heavy rainfall and warmer temperatures begin to spur grass growth.

Start sending out email newsletters, flyers, and text messages to customers in February. Remind them about your services - offer discounts and other benefits to those who choose to use your services again this year.

DialMyCalls is a great tool for this. With DialMyCalls, you can send SMS messages, voicemail messages, and remind them about your services - increasing the likelihood that they will work with you again.


Diversify - Top 7 Lawn Maintenance Company Marketing Tips

2. Diversify Your Services

If you want to keep your business operating all-year-round, you should consider diversifying your services.

Edging and trimming are usually part of most lawn mowing packages. This is a good place to start. However, you may also want to consider offering services like:

  • Snow removal and de-icing
  • Leafblowing and debris removal
  • Shrub/flowerbed trimming
  • Mulching and basic landscaping

Snow removal and leaf removal can help you make more money during the fall and winter, when business slows down for lawn mowing services. Landscaping and mulching helps you get more work during the warmer months.


Door-To-Door - Top 7 Lawn Maintenance Company Marketing Tips

3. Don't Underestimate the Power of Going Door-To-Door

Sometimes, the oldest marketing techniques are the best. Going door-to-door may be intimidating, but it's often a great way to drum up more business. Head to a neighborhood of your choice, start walking door-to-door, with flyers and more information about your services.

You can offer a discount coupon, as well as contact information that will allow a potential customer to get in touch with you. It's a great idea to require a phone number or email to get this discount - this will help you build a list of potential future customers.

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