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DialMyCalls Changelog (May 2017)

DialMyCalls Changelog - May 2017

The DialMyCalls development team is constantly working on adding new features and improvements to our mass notification system. This month (May 2017) brought a plethora of changes which include a new customer support chat system, UI improvements and the addition of enhancements to several of our existing features. Please take a few moments to take a look at the current changelog below — this changelog will be updated throughout the month:

May 22, 2017 —

  • Intercom chat button is now located on right side of website.
Text-to-Speech Advanced Features - DialMyCalls Changelog May 2017

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  • Text-to-Speech has received its second improvement this month. Customers are now able to click on "Click Here For Advanced Recordings" to open a dialog box that displays code that can be added into a text-to-speech recording to have more control over the playback. The examples displayed offer the ability to add pauses in recordings and also gives customers the ability to emphasize certain words.

May 18, 2017 —

  • Intercom chat support is now live for customers and team members.
Text-to-Speech Preview Message - DialMyCalls Changelog May 2017

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  • There is now a preview button for Text-to-Speech tool so customers can listen to their recording prior to saving it in account.

May 16, 2017 —

  • Call / Text Report Options should be cached now – if customers change the paging or advanced / basic view it should stick when they leave the page and come back.
  • Phone-in system option to create a recording should now display for all accounts except for customers on Access Accounts.
Advanced Features Sortable Report - DialMyCalls Changelog May 2017

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  • Customers using one of our advanced calling features are now able to sort the “Advanced Feature” column in the report for that specific call broadcast.
Upload Contacts - DialMyCalls Changelog May 2017

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  • The "Upload Contacts" feature received a significant UI improvement to help streamline the process of uploading contacts into DialMyCalls.
  • Importing tool should auto sense column names if they exist when previewing (firstname, lastname, etc) — we're also hiding the first row to try and get rid of column names if they do exist.

May 5, 2017 —

  • Intercom is being tweaked to replace old chat system currently in place for customer support.
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