"I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With DialMyCalls.com, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. DialMyCalls.com is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!"

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Feature Updates: What’s New With DialMyCalls (June 2021)

Posted by Tim Smith in General Post on June 16, 2021

What's New - June 2021

The team at DialMyCalls is always looking for ways to bring new features to life that benefit our amazing customers. We also love receiving feedback from you regarding how we can improve our system to help simplify your daily tasks. As such, we’re excited to share some of our most recent feature updates and improvements. And if you have something you’d like to see, please let us know by contacting us!

Short Code Removal

On June 1, 2021, major wireless carriers discontinued shared short codes for all texting providers. We have implemented a better text messaging option, toll-free numbers, which are available right now to use. This change affects ALL text message providers and is being implemented and enforced by the wireless carriers. [More On Short Code Removal Here]

Free Toll-Free Texting Numbers

Every customer that creates an account with DialMyCalls will receive a free toll-free number to send out text messages. Customers will no longer share a short code with a ton of other people – you will now get your own UNIQUE toll-free number that is yours and only yours to use!

SMS Enabled Toll-Free Vanity Number - DialMyCalls

Two-Way Texting Templates

Customers using our 2-way text messaging service can now create and save templates to send out. Instead of having to type out the same message over and over, quickly reply to an incoming text message with a saved reply. Save time and still get your message out using these new templates!

2-Way Texting Templates - DialMyCalls

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Security is a major concern these days, so to help give you peace of mind, you now have the option for setting up Two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. Enabling this option means when you log in to your DialMyCalls account, you’ll be sent a text message with a code to confirm your identity.* This gives your account an extra level of security to help protect your account information.

*Please be aware that once 2FA is set up, you will need to have your mobile phone nearby to receive the code that is sent to you upon each log in.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - DialMyCalls

Conference Calls

Due to popular demand you’re now able to activate conference calling on your DialMyCalls account. For a low monthly fee you get access to our crystal clear conference lines where you can easily connect with everyone via your unique dial in number and PIN. Call in, enter the pin, and start talking. It’s that simple!

Conference Calls - DialMyCalls

Mobile App Improvements

Our mobile app for iOS and Android devices is always getting new feature updates and related improvements. In the most recent update we have improved push notifications for 2-way SMS text messaging as well as added some new features. The biggest benefit is you can now access all of our additional calling features right from within the app as well as recurring broadcasts. Save time by using our app on the go for your most pressing needs.

Advanced Calling Features:

  • Push To Opt-Out – Allow your recipients to press the ‘7’ key to be added to your “Do Not Call” list.
  • Push To Leave A Message – Allow your recipients to press the ‘8’ key to leave you a message that you can listen to.
  • Polling – You can ask questions and let recipients press a number to track and see their response.
  • Push To Talk – Recipients will have the ability to be automatically connected to any phone number by pressing the ‘0’ key.
  • Push To Repeat – Allow recipients to press the ‘9’ key to listen to your message again.

Advanced Calling Features (Mobile App) - DialMyCalls

Recurring Broadcasts:

Recurring broadcasts are now available right from within the DialMyCalls mobile app – free to download on iOS and Android devices. A recurring message can be set up to go out daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly with the option to cancel on a specific date or after a certain number of occurrences.

Recurring Broadcasts (Mobile App) - DialMyCalls

Features Coming Soon…

If you have any questions regarding the new features listed here or have suggestions for features you’d like to see added to DialMyCalls, please contact us today!