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Five Simple Tips on How to Be an Amazing Teacher

Posted by Tim Smith in Schools on May 20, 2015

School Teacher Tips

Being a good teacher goes far beyond providing students with knowledge and skills. Good teaching is about attitude and the way in which you influence your students. If you are in doubt about your teaching style, look past what and focus more on how you are delivering your knowledge.

1. Show Respect for Your Students

A good teacher values the input and opinions of their students. If students are free to offer ideas and express feelings they will learn how to show respect for others. Be approachable and a great listener and your students will be more likely to pay close attention to everything you have to share with them.

2. Treat Your Classroom Like a Little Community

A student should feel secure the second they enter your classroom, knowing that there are rules to follow, yet in a supportive environment. Make sure that each student understands their role in your classroom and that they feel like an integral part of a group. Students fare better in their studies when they have the support of their peers as well as their teacher.

3. Keep Your Expectations High

Push your students to achieve more than they think they are capable of. If you show that you expect little from your students then little is what you will get. A good teacher knows that students of all ages will rise to the occasion if you set your expectations high and provide the knowledge needed to reach them.

4. Be Flexible

To be a good teacher you need to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude. If a lesson plan you spent days working on is not meeting your goal, be willing to accept that and try something different. If a classroom discussion takes an unexpected turn, encourage the train of thought and see where it takes your students. There is little certainty in life, and the small world of your classroom needs to reflect that as well.

5. Recognize Your Own Weaknesses

Education is always evolving and new discoveries need to constantly be acknowledged. A good teacher knows that they need to update and continue their own education through classes and seminars in order to be effective in their career.

It should also go without saying that a great teacher loves their job and does not have any regrets about their career choice. If you do feel overly frustrated or overwhelmed, it may be time to step away from the profession and reconsider your career. Teaching is a selfless job, where you are an active part of forming a future for the lives of others. This is a huge responsibility that requires dedication and a strong commitment to the welfare of your students.

At times, it may seem as if teaching does not get the respect that it deserves. Yet as a good teacher, you are aware of your important position and continue to strive for greatness in yourself and your students. It is with that positive attitude and continued drive that you will be able to provide a valuable education for your students, along with showing them to always value their position in the world.