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How Advances in Technology are Improving the Quality of Education a Teacher Provides

Posted by Tim Smith in Schools on October 13, 2015

Technology For Teachers

Since the first classroom was opened, teachers have searched for ways to help them open the minds of young students. Imagine how lucky early teachers felt when they were first introduced to a blackboard, or even just desks for their students. Education has come a long way, and with the introduction of the computer and internet, a teacher can now focus almost all of their attention on ensuring that they create an interesting learning environment that sparks a child’s thirst for knowledge.

Technology Helps Teachers Save Time

Almost all technology geared toward education takes time into consideration. Teachers spend a great deal of time, both on the clock and off, grading papers and planning lessons. Online lesson planning tools and calendars are extremely helpful for managing the entire year, not to mention the day to day activities and will save a teacher a lot of time once implemented. Planbook.com for example, will help in developing custom schedules for each class. You can attach links and files to easily access any information related to a lesson and even allow the students to view the schedule for their class online. This is certainly a step up from the handwritten log books teachers have been using for decades, and gives teachers more time to focus on their primary responsibility.

Technology Can Make it Easier to Track A Student’s Progress

There are a number of online portfolio providers available that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any classroom type. Student portfolios are excellent ways for educators to assess the student’s progress in subjects where this is not easily seen by your typical grading system. With the tools that students can access online, their portfolio can contain a myriad of elements, like music and video that truly express their creativity. For the teacher, being able to see and store the portfolio on their computer makes it easier to manage and to view how a student is performing and where they could use some extra help.

Technology Can Make it Easier to Keep Parents in the Classroom Loop

Successful teachers understand that their classroom extends to each student’s home, and that the parents are just as much a part of it. However, keeping those parents engaged in the classroom is one of the most difficult challenges a teacher faces. The cell phone can be the savior when it comes to communicating with parents on a regular basis. School notification system providers like DialMyCalls allow you to store an infinite number of phone numbers in your web-based account. When you need to share information or news with the parents, you simply create the message and send it to all of the parents at the same time that have opted in to receive your alerts. The message is received as an SMS text message on their cell phone, where you know they are going to see it right away.

Teachers should be taking advantage of every available resource possible that is positively improving a child’s learning experience. There is only a small window of opportunity to provide a quality education, so make the best use of technology that can help you to better enrich those minds.