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Notify Citizens Of Summer Water Restrictions With Automated Alerts

Water Restrictions

Summertime is here and with the blistering heat comes water restrictions in cities all across the United States.

It’s summertime in the United States and millions of Americans are fighting off the record-breaking heat. Of course with the intense heat comes a severe lack of water which results in extremely dry conditions and a nationwide drought. Local cities and even entire states are already enforcing water restrictions as they deal with the lack of water in their counties.

DialMyCalls offers a mass notification system that will allow cities to notify all of their citizens of water restrictions instantly. Whether you are placing a more strict restriction into effect or lifting the restrictions all together, our extremely efficient system can send out voice messages, text messages and email notifications to thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Manage the scorching summer heat and local water restrictions by signing up for our mass notification system today.


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