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Retaining Your Customers With A Personal Notification System

Posted by Tim Smith in Customer Reminders on September 8, 2014

Customer Notification System

The new revolution of business has become faceless. With the amount of sales being done online and through phones it has become difficult to retain customers with a friendly smile and hand shake. Today’s retail and service industry has to be creative and use modern technology to build and then retain a strong customer base. Not just one that keeps coming back, but one that will also feel so good about you that they refer you to their friends.

The most effective way of retaining customer loyalty is to gently remind them of your goods or services. This can be done discreetly and without being obtrusive using a customer notification system. Unlike push notifications, automated customer notifications can relay a sense of personalization that is more appealing in this cold computer age.

Let your customers know that you offer automated notifications via phone call or text message and have them opt-in to receive those messages. Opting in can be done via SMS keyword for text messages or by having them agree to receive the phone calls with a sign up form on your website or in your store.

Special Offers

The most obvious text message you can send to a group of your consumers would be to inform them of a sale or special offer that is just for them. To make yours stand out against your competitors make sure it has a personal touch.

  • Make the automated text message relevant to the customer. If you are a clothing store, don’t send messages to the men in your contact list about a sale on skirts and dresses and vice versa. This shows you are not paying attention to your clients. Organize your contacts into specific groups so that you can choose the right recipients for the right promotions.

Consider Your Customers Other Interests

Not every interaction with your customers should be centered around sales. Otherwise you may be perceived as pushy rather than engaging.

  • Try and find other topics that may interest them based on your goods or services. For example, a small sporting goods store could send a text message mentioning an upcoming 5K race in the area or the opening of a new sports center.

Reminder Messages

Reminder messages via text message or phone call can be very helpful to busy customers.

  • Service based businesses can use automated customer notifications to remind their customers about making maintenance appointments or preparing for changing seasons. A pool cleaning company for example could send out a message in May reminding their customers to schedule their pool opening appointments before the weather gets hot.

Encourage Feedback

To better understand the wants and needs of your customers, you should always invite them to share feedback.

  • With telephone polling available through DialMyCalls’ customer notification system you can easily ask your customers to take a few moments and answer some questions about their experience with your store. You could even offer a coupon as an incentive to participate. This will not only generate much needed feedback, the coupon will bring the customer to your store where you need them most.

The overall goal of staying in contact with your customers is to keep their business and hopefully have them recommend you to others. Engage with them in ways that show that you see them as more than just another consumer and you will build a better business based on loyalty and respect.