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Non-Profit Text Message Fundraiser Alerts

DialMyCalls' unlimited monthly text messages can be of extreme benefit to nonprofit organizations to start up a SMS fundraising campaign to help them raise money. Nonprofits host charity events and fundraisers in an attempt to raise money for their groups cause. Here at DialMyCalls.com we believe that our mass notification system would be perfect for non-profits as they could use our unlimited monthly text messages to reach a much broader audience, instantly. A non-profit organization can set up personalized text message fundraiser alerts to help them achieve their goal. The group would simply sign up for DialMyCalls, choose an unlimited monthly plan (depending on how many people they would be contacting every month) and instantly begin raising money. Let's say a charity dinner was coming up next week, the nonprofit could send out a text message to thousands of possible donors on their contact list that says: "Help Support Our

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