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DialMyCalls Team Takes On Tough Mudder 2012 in Austin, Texas

  The team at DialMyCalls will be flying from sunny South Florida to Austin, Texas in October to participate in Tough Mudder 2012. Deemed as "probably the toughest event on the planet," Tough Mudder is a 12 mile long obstacle course that tests endurance, physical strength and the ability to overcome fears such as running through a field of electrified wires – I hear that one is a real shocker. In October, DialMyCalls and our staff will be traveling to Austin, Texas to participate in Tough Mudder 2012 – it will surely be an experience that we will never forget. In the months leading up to Tough Mudder, the staff here at DialMyCalls will be holding our own little challenge as we get prepared for what will surely be a mud-filled hell on earth in Austin, Texas. I speak for myself when I say that "exercise" has never really been

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