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Toll-Free Texting Number Verification for U.S. & Canada

Posted by Tim Smith in General Post on September 14, 2022

Toll-Free Texting Number Verification for U.S. & Canada - DialMyCalls

Toll-free U.S. numbers are designated for business text messaging by all major mobile carriers in the United States, and most mobile carriers in Canada – this makes toll-free numbers a great alternative to long code or short code numbers in the United States and Canada.

An industry-wide change to the overall volume of text messages that can be sent over an unverified toll-free number is launching on October 1, 2022. This change is to verify all toll-free numbers and align sender visibility with the short code and 10DLC messaging channels.

If you’ve already verified your toll-free texting number(s), no further action is needed to send out text messages through DialMyCalls.

Toll-Free Text Messaging Thresholds for United States

Effective October 1, 2022, the following daily, weekly, and monthly text messaging thresholds are being implemented industry-wide for text messages sent over unverified toll-free numbers to long codes in the United States.

  • Daily limit: 2,000 messages per day
  • Weekly limit: 12,000 messages per week
  • Monthly limit: 25,000 messages per month

Please note, additional content restrictions may apply when sending messages from unverified toll-free texting numbers to US-based long codes.

Toll-Free Text Messaging Thresholds for Canada

Also beginning October 1, 2022, verification is required for all toll-free numbers when sending text messages to Canada, regardless of the volume of messages being sent. Any unverified text messages destined to Canadian telephone numbers will be blocked.

Once a toll-free texting number has been submitted for verification and is in a ‘pending’ state, the messaging thresholds to U.S. long codes and blocks to Canadian long codes will no longer apply.

Toll-Free Texting Number Verification FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions in regards to the new mandated toll-free texting number verification that will go into effect on October 1, 2022:

Do I need to verify my Toll-Free number? I already have a Toll-Free number, am I affected?

Anyone who wants to continue to send text messages from a toll-free number to Canada, and anyone who is sending broadcasts that exceed the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly limits for the United States.

I’m not sending SMS, do I still need to verify my Toll-Free number?

No. Only people sending text messages from a toll-free number need to verify.

Does Toll-Free texting number verification cost money?

No. This toll-free number verification is free of charge.

Will these Toll-Free texting limitations be shown to me in my DialMyCalls account?

Yes. These texting limits will appear to users in the dashboard and in the home screen of their DialMyCalls App. It will also be shown to them when sending a text broadcast from an unverified toll-free number.

I have multiple Toll-Free numbers on my DialMyCalls account. Do these limitations apply to my entire account? Do I need to verify the numbers individually?

These limits will apply to the entire account. Each toll-free number will have to be verified individually.

What happens if I don’t complete verification?

On October 1st, 2022, SMS messages sent via toll-free numbers will be restricted to the above limitations. Using additional toll-free numbers to exceed these limits isn’t allowed and will result in the same block and error code.

What happens if it takes longer to verify my Toll-Free number than the October 1st, 2022, deadline?

Once your toll-free numbers are submitted to DialMyCalls, the verification process can take up to 5-6 weeks to complete. During this time, your Phone Numbers are moved to the “Pending Verification” state that removes the messaging limits while our carrier partners review your submission.

Is DialMyCalls reaching out pro-actively to customers?

Yes. We are starting to put messages on customer dashboards and sending out emails to potentially affected users. We are prioritizing VIP accounts and accounts that would exceed these limits.

Once I submit the verification, can I start sending messages again immediately?

Once you submit the verification form to us, we will submit the verification to our carrier partners. Once you are in a pending state via our carrier partners the limitations will be lifted.

I don’t want to continue using a Toll-Free number to send text messages.

We are also offering customers the option to switch their toll-free texting number to a local number free of charge. Local numbers are limited to 1 SMS per second, and also have a registration process for higher volume sending (via The Campaign Registry).

For more information regarding toll-free texting number verification, please contact us today!