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DialMyCalls Glossary

2 Way SMS


Voice Talent

DialMyCalls offers our members the ability to hire a professional voice talent actor to record a top-notch recording to broadcast to all of their contacts. Ten professionally trained voice over artists can be selected to record a script that is sent to them – turnaround time on a voice talent order is 24-48 hours. Members that are looking to purchase a recording from one of our professional voice talent actors have the following options to choose from: Female Voice Talent: Amy (American) Leisha (Southern) Leisha (American) Magnolia (Indian) Noelia (En Espanol) Male Voice Talent: Antonio (Spanish) Bill (Southern) Ichbar (Indian) Jessie (American) Peter (American) Ricardo (En Espanol)


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over internet protocol is commonly referred to as VoIP and pertains to technology that allows voice and multimedia to be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. VoIP is available on mobile phones, computers and devices that have internet access readily available. Calls, text messages and multimedia can be sent over a VoIP provider using 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that VoIP service providers in the U.S.A. must comply with requirements comparable to those for traditional telecommunications service providers.


Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting allows organizations, non-profits, politicians, communities, sports leagues, religious leaders and many other groups the ability to record a message and “broadcast” it to a list of phone numbers in a matter of seconds. The days of calling individuals one at a time are over as voice broadcasting services have made communication an extremely simple task to accomplish. DialMyCalls’ voice broadcasting service is completely web-based and allows members to add a list of contacts, whether it be 100 or 10,000, create a personalized recording and then send that recording out to everyone, instantly. Detailed call reports are available for every voice broadcast sent out using DialMyCalls. Members are able to see exactly how long someone listened to their recording and if it was a live answer or went to voicemail – unsuccessful call are also displayed on the call report.


Vanity Number

A vanity number allows individuals, non-profits, sports teams, businesses and communities the ability to register a unique telephone number. Whether it be a number containing a local area code or an 800 number, vanity numbers allow the exchange of voice messages to be conducted without utilizing a personal landline or mobile phone number. The DialMyCalls Vanity Number system allows members to purchase a unique phone number to use as both a caller ID display as well as a call back number. The personal number also doubles as a phone-in notification system that gives members the ability to have their contacts call in to the Vanity Number to receive any new news via voice message. Found this info useful?


Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Text-To-Speech is the conversion of text into a computer-generated audio file usually resulting in a message being vocalized by a male or female robotic voice. DialMyCalls members have the option to use Text-To-Speech to create a recording that will be immediately converted into an audio file and added to their account. The TTS recording may then be selected and sent via voice broadcast to all of their contacts, instantly.


Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is a new method in which businesses can reach out to customers, both new and old. Companies can easily set up a text message marketing campaign and immediately see a change in their business. An SMS Keyword is a key factor when creating a text message marketing campaign as that is what customers are going to remember a specific business by. Let’s say Bob’s Pizza Shop down the road wants to interact more with its customer base via text messages, DialMyCalls offers SMS Broadcasts that can help. Bob’s Pizza Shop would first register an SMS Keyword such as BOBSPIZZA. Bob would then create signs in his restaurant and post updates on social media advertising their new text message marketing campaign. A sample message might read: “Text ‘BOBSPIZZA’ to 80123 to receive special deals on pizza.” Customers that are interested in deals from Bob’s Pizza Shop would opt-in

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Telephone Polling

Automated phone polling offers the ability to ask a series of questions via voice message and in turn, recipients are able to key in responses that can be tracked. The DialMyCalls phone polling option is a premium feature that can be added to any voice broadcast. Using our online admin panel, members of our service can create a polling message, define what each keystroke on the phone means and then view the results via our online reporting system. For example, a member can send out a poll asking: “What is your favorite color? Press 1 for blue, 2 for red, 3 for green, 4 if your color is not listed or 5 if your are colorblind.” Once the automated poll has been completed, DialMyCalls members can then view the results within minutes.


SMS Keyword

DialMyCalls offers one demo SMS Keyword for our members and custom keywords are available for an additional monthly fee. Each keyword registered through our service will cost $4.95 per month and will utilize our company’s short code which is 80123. Alert customers, employees, church members or parents to subscribe to receive text message alerts from you by having them text your SMS keyword to the DialMyCalls short code (80123). A customizable welcome message will be texted back to that person, notifying them that they are now opted in to receive text message alerts from your keyword. Replying to your text message broadcasts with the word “STOP” will remove them from your list.


SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway is a telecommunications network facility for sending or receiving Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network that supports SMS. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. DialMyCalls allows members to send out SMS Broadcasts via our personal Short Code (80123). Found this info useful?

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