Text Message Forwarding

Text message, or SMS, forwarding helps businesses become more accessible to your customers. Text message forwarding allows you to view your text messages on another medium or device.

After all, today many of your customers prefer to text instead of call. With a smart text message forwarding solution, you can do web-based texting from the DialMyCalls portal and even receive customer texts in email format.

Text message forwarding helps you be there for your customers, even when you’re out of the office. Sort messages with ease and reply to customers with zero fuss with this smart solution.


How Does Text Message Forwarding Work?


Text message forwarding pushes your incoming texts to an email client, online messaging dashboard like DialMyCalls, or to another device.

It enables you to see all of your incoming messages no matter where you are. Text message forwarding is perfect if you’re on the go, or if you need to dedicate more time to your text message marketing.

To set up text message forwarding, you indicate where you want to forward the texts. With DialMyCalls, you can sign up for 2-way texting and have text message replies appear in your account for text message broadcasts you send out through DialMyCalls.

Text forwarding works similarly to call forwarding; all it’s doing is sending the message to a different number (or email address) than the one it was addressed to.

As a business, this means you can be more responsive to your customers. Split up the work of answering customer texts between the team with a smart, shared email address just for customer communication.


Benefits of Text Message Forwarding


  1. Better customer service – Customers expect to hear from your business within 24 hours of contacting you, if not sooner. Text message forwarding helps you respond to customers more quickly, giving them the information they need with ease.On the customer’s side, text message forwarding makes their lives easier. They can make reservations, purchase items, check their account balance, ask questions, and give feedback in a timely fashion thanks to text message forwarding.
  2. Flexibility – Business owners are busy. Despite that, your customers still need to hear from you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.Text message forwarding gives you more flexibility and options. Rest assured that your customers are getting the information they expect while you’re on the go.

    Forward texts to your office mobile to your email to make sure you don’t miss a beat. It’s especially helpful if you’ve lost your phone and don’t want to interrupt the customer experience.

  3. Virtual numbers – But what if you operate in multiple countries? Text message forwarding streamlines how you text with clients. You can receive texts from multiple phone numbers and countries coming into one email box.

Text message forwarding gives you more flexibility as a business. It also makes your customers’ lives easier. Chat with DialMyCalls now to see how our unique platform helps you use text message marketing for results.

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