Telephone Chain

A telephone chain, or telephone tree, is a common concept that’s been in use even before the modern telephone.

Telephone chains are a perfect way to quickly organize people and send out critical information quickly.

Although the telephone chain has changed a lot in the last 30 years, it has only improved. Today’s telephone chains distribute consistent information quickly to large groups, helping organizations save time and work faster.


What Is a Telephone Chain?


Traditional telephone chains weren’t as advanced as they are today. In the past, telephone chains (also called a phone tree) weren’t automated at all.

The telephone chain of the ’90s was a pyramid-shaped diagram where callers would pass a message further down the chain.

The first caller would contact two people, who would then contact two people themselves. The callers continue contacting each other, using the diagram as a reference, until everyone on the telephone chain had been contacted.

This worked well enough before the days of automation, but there were plenty of problems with traditional telephone chains.

First, if one person doesn’t answer or get the message, they aren’t able to call the people further down the chain. The chain ends right then and there.

Second, if the message is complex, there’s a good chance the message will change or get diluted as it works its way down the telephone chain. Even if you have a very simple message, like a time change, there’s the opportunity it won’t get relayed correctly.

Third, you have to train people on how to use the telephone tree. They need to understand who to call and be willing to answer the phone at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, we have modern technology to help us avoid the nightmares of a traditional telephone chain.

Modern technology has made these telephone chains obsolete, thanks to automation.


Automating the Telephone Chain


Telephone chains got a facelift for the modern era. Instead of relying on a chain of callers to pass along a message, voice broadcasting technology makes it easier to instantly communicate with hundreds of people via phone call.

Simply store the callers’ information digitally in your phone or computer on the DialMyCalls platform.

You record your message and select the people in your system to receive the message.

Instead of passing the message from person to person, DialMyCalls sends the broadcast to all recipients at once.

It’s a recorded message, which means you don’t have to call hundreds of people directly, the recipients don’t have to call anyone, and you can be sure everyone got the same message.

Automation helps people use telephone chains to get the same message, so no one in your organization is left hanging.


Who Uses a Telephone Chain?


Telephone chains are popular for any organization that needs to quickly communicate with many people:

Property managers
Sports leagues

While these organizations might have used a traditional phone chain before, they benefit immensely from automating their telephone chain with voice broadcasting.


What Are the benefits of a Telephone Chain?


Why bother using an automated telephone chain? If you want to enjoy any of these benefits, it’s time to make the switch.

  1. Streamline your system: Make it easier than ever to contact everyone at once. There’s no need to ask people to contact each other to spread information; you can do it automatically.
  2. See who received your message: DialMyCalls allows you to see who received your message and who didn’t. You can follow up with the people who didn’t get the message so everyone is on the same page.
  3. Accessible: Keep all of your information in one place. Never fumble for business cards again.
  4. Mobile-friendly: You don’t need a landline to use an automated telephone chain. All you need is the DialMyCalls app, which means you can send out a message ASAP from any location.
  5. Consistency: Rest assured that everyone got the same message with a recorded telephone chain broadcast.
  6. Save time: Eliminate manual processes and save time. You can communicate with your entire list of contacts in just a few minutes.

If you need to communicate the same message to many people at one time, trust in the power of automated telephone chains.

Let’s brainstorm about your organization’s needs. Get in touch with DialMyCalls now to chat about automated telephone chains.

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