The term opt-out refers to several methods by which individuals can avoid receiving unsolicited product or service information. In 2008, the United States Federal Government created the National Do Not Call Registry which gives consumers the ability to opt-out of telemarketing calls.

DialMyCalls has several options that gives recipients of voice or SMS broadcasts through our system the ability to opt-out of receiving further messages. We host a site-wide Do Not Call list that any call recipient can add their number to and will then be permanently blocked from receiving any calls being sent out through our system.

Members of our service also have a “Personal” Do Not Call (DNC) list that is managed by them within their online admin panel. A premium option we offer for voice broadcasts is the ability for recipients to “Push-To-Opt-Out” which has them key in a number on their phone if they no longer wish to receive calls from that individual – those who use the push to opt-out feature are automatically added to that member’s Personal Do Not Call list.

Any recipient that receives a text message from DialMyCalls’  can simply reply to the message with “STOP” and they will be added to the SMS Do Not Call list.