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Communications Glossary

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is a new method in which businesses can reach out to customers, both new and old. Companies can easily set up a text message marketing campaign and immediately see a change in their business.

An SMS Keyword is a key factor when creating a text message marketing campaign as that is what customers are going to remember a specific business by. Let’s say Bob’s Pizza Shop down the road wants to interact more with its customer base via text messages, DialMyCalls offers SMS Broadcasts that can help.

Bob’s Pizza Shop would first register an SMS Keyword such as BOBSPIZZA. Bob would then create signs in his restaurant and post updates on social media advertising their new text message marketing campaign. A sample message might read: “Text ‘BOBSPIZZA’ to 80123 to receive special deals on pizza.”

Customers that are interested in deals from Bob’s Pizza Shop would opt-in to their keyword and then Bob is able to send them text messages via DialMyCalls.

Customer engagement is extremely important when running a business and a text message marketing campaign via DialMyCalls is a perfect solution.

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