Telemarketing is the perfect way to do outbound lead generation for your business. But it requires a delicate balance between controlling costs and placing enough phone calls to generate business.

Press 1 technology helps businesses like yours earn more revenue with lower costs.


How Do Press 1 Campaigns (Push-to-Talk) Work?


Press 1 campaigns are a form of automated telemarketing. The system calls a contact on your list and plays a recorded message when the customer answers.

After listening to the message, the customer has the option to Press 1 to speak with a live agent. The system then transfers the customer to speak with a live agent.

The best thing about Press 1 is that it integrates seamlessly with existing call center processes and technology. It’s a perfect tool for sales leads and requires zero hassle to set up.

DialMyCalls offers convenient Press 1 Campaigns on our customer dashboard. Simply add your list of contacts, use the “Push to talk” button to select a Press 1 Campaign, and select the phone number you wish to use. Press 1 setup is that easy.


How Can I Use Press 1 for My Organization?


Press 1 campaigns are robocalls commonly used for lead generation, but they’re also great for spreading quick messages.

Press 1 is an amazing tool, but many organizations aren’t sure how to use it for their contact list. Here are a few ways that DialMyCalls clients use this software:

  1. Religious organizations – This is common at large churches. They send out a once weekly Press 1 campaign with reminders and prayer requests. Recipients can Press 1 to speak directly with their pastor or operator with questions.
  2. Property management – It takes a lot of communication to manage an apartment building. Don’t call all of your tenants manually; use a Press 1 campaign to send out security reminders, parking information, and promotions.
  3. Schools – Schools use Press 1 campaigns to notify parents about holidays or tests in one convenient setup.
  4. Sports – Coaches use Press 1 campaigns to quickly send game and event information to parents.
  5. Staffing agencies – Reach more job applicants in less time. Alert your applicants about job openings with an automated call where they can Press 1 to learn more about the job.

These are just a few applications for Press 1 campaigns. They’re usable for any business or organization that needs to speak with many people in little time.


Press 1 Best Practices


  1. Watch your messaging – Don’t call 2,000 people for no reason! Make sure your Press 1 campaign is incredibly relevant and useful so it doesn’t waste your contacts’ time.
  2. Personalize – Keep your message under 30 seconds to respect people’s time. Make it clear who you are, why you’re calling, and what they get out of the phone call. Personalize each message to the situation so your list will get more value out of the call.
  3. Incite action – What should people do after hearing your message? Make it clear what they get from pressing 1 during your recording.

Use a Press 1 software that’s proven to grow your business. Learn more about the DialMyCalls platform to communicate more effectively with your list.

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