Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS, or Short Message Service, has been around since 1992, but it didn’t become popular until the early 2000s.

Also referred to as text messaging, SMS is a messaging technology that comes standard on smartphones and even tablet devices.


What Is SMS?


SMS is perfect for sharing short messages between phone numbers. In fact, it’s many people’s preferred method of communication.

SMS messaging is fast, convenient, and affordable for both consumers and brands. With high-tech integrations like text-to-speech and video, SMS text messaging is becoming a richer and more valuable way for humans to communicate.

SMS allows consumers to send 160-character messages via a low-cost platform. Most phone plans include unlimited texting, although some consumers still pay per text to save money.

SMS messages can be sent via a long code or short code. In the United States, a long code is a standard nine-digit phone number. This is what most consumers use to message their friends and family. Brands use short codes as a way to conveniently send SMS messages to their customers. If you are interested in purchasing a dedicated short code, please contact us today!


Sending SMS as a Brand


Brands use SMS to promote their products or services. However, the majority of businesses aren’t going to manually send SMS messages to their customers. Instead, brands use tools for efficient messaging that boosts revenue:

  1. Software Platform – Software is the most efficient and popular way to send SMS messages to your customers.There’s no added cost to send the messages. Best of all, software like DialMyCalls is flexible and automated so you can send SMS according to a schedule or based on customer action.
  2. SMS Gateway – An SMS gateway routes your SMS to customers. Unlike SMS software, a gateway will charge you, the sender, for every message. This is fine if you have a small list, but it can quickly deplete your budget if you have a large list of contacts.
  3. Phone-to-Phone – Again, most businesses don’t manually send SMS messages from phone to phone. It’s a popular option for extremely small businesses, although we generally don’t recommend it.


Benefits of SMS


SMS is the future of telemarketing. Invest in SMS marketing to see many benefits for your brand:

  1. Affordable – SMS is significantly cheaper than other contact methods, like telemarketing, direct mail, or paid advertising.
  2. Convenient – Your customers are busy. With SMS messaging, customers can read your message when it’s most convenient for them. Unlike a phone call, SMS is discreet and non-intrusive. This increases the likelihood that customers will engage with your message.
  3. Easy – It’s easy to start sending SMS messages to your customers. Just partner up with DialMyCalls to use our intuitive messaging platform. Reach thousands of customers in mere seconds with a smart software designed to promote your business. There’s no need to send manual SMS text messages ever again.


SMS with DialMyCalls


DialMyCalls offers affordable SMS marketing for brands just like yours. You can either purchase credits as needed or set up a monthly plan for regular customer outreach.

See how DialMyCalls can overhaul your brand’s SMS strategy.

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