Call Forwarding

Business is complicated. In a digital world, you have messages coming at you from SMS, email, IM, social media, and more. It’s challenging to juggle all of your communication, especially when you’re trying to run a business at the same time.

That’s why many business owners rely on call forwarding to consolidate their messages, save time, and improve the customer experience.


What Is Call Forwarding?


Call forwarding is also known as a call diversion.

Call forwarding is simple: it redirects the phone calls coming to your phone to a different location. You can redirect calls to a mobile phone, voicemail, or different phone number at your home or office.

Businesses use platforms like DialMyCalls to forward phone numbers automatically. You can set it up to forward all calls automatically, or to route the call if you’re unable to answer within a few rings.

You can forward both landline and mobile phone numbers. If the line is busy or if your phone is off for the night, customers can be routed to a different number.


When Would I Use Call Forwarding?


Call forwarding is useful in so many situations. Here are just a few ways that DialMyCalls customers use call forwarding:

  1. Off-hours calls – If you’re in an industry where off-hours calls are important, like the medical field, you’ll want to use call forwarding. For example, a doctor’s office might forward a customer’s call to a 24/7 emergency clinic.
  2. On-the-go professionals – Life happens outside of a cubicle. Employees will need to leave your office for travel, meetings, or to run a quick errand.

    Call forwarding ensures that your employees have access to important phone calls even when they’re not at their desk.

  3. Lunch breaks or vacations – Customers want answers—even when you’re out to lunch or on vacation. Call forwarding ensures that there is always someone there to answer customers’ questions when you aren’t around.


The Benefits of Call Forwarding


  1. Availability – Be more available for your customers. Don’t route them to voicemail; give them an answer now, even when you’re out of the office. You can receive the calls on any device so you never have to worry about missing a call again.
  2. Increased sales – Responsiveness encourages customer engagement. That means answering your phone in a timely fashion will bring customers to purchase more quickly.
  3. Customizable – Call forwarding is completely customizable. You can tell the program to forward a call after a certain number of rings, for example.


Let’s take your business forward. Give customers a better experience and streamline your calls with smart call forwarding. Chat with DialMyCalls to see how we can set up forwarding for your business.

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