Auto Attendant

Who wouldn’t want a secretary or assistant to take their calls? But if you run a small business, it’s not always feasible to hire someone to man your phones. And if you run a large business, it’s difficult to have a human monitor a huge influx of calls every day.

Reduce the need for a live phone assistant by setting up an auto assistant. It combines the best of technological automation with improved response times and cost savings to your business.


Auto Attendant Features


Auto attendants are incredibly common. Most brands set up an auto attendant in lieu of hiring a human receptionist, phone operator, or answering service.

An auto attendant is a computer answering service that answers all of your phone calls and plays a recorded greeting. The caller listens to the recording that lists options for routing their call.

The caller then presses a number corresponding with who they need to contact. The auto attendant will then transfer the caller automatically to their selected extension.

Auto attendants work using Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, to navigate your customers’ calls. It’s this technology that routes calls to the correct extensions without the need for a human operator.

If your caller needs to speak to a live human, most auto attendants give the option of pressing 0 to speak with an operator. This means you’ll still need staff for your phones, but they will have a significantly smaller call volume.


Benefits of an Auto Attendant


  1. Reduced employment costs – There’s less need to have a phone operator or assistant manning the phones with an auto attendant. Keep your head count low to protect your bottom line.
  2. Customer expectations – Customers have come to expect auto attendants. As long as the recorded message isn’t too long, customers prefer working with auto attendants over a human assistant. It means they don’t have to be on hold forever waiting for an operator, improving customer satisfaction.
  3. Get your time back – Focus on more pressing matters with an auto attendant. Answer calls that are relevant to your work, protecting your focus and time.
  4. Professional appearance – If you have a small company, auto attendants will actually help you seem bigger because they project a professional image. It makes your business seem more trustworthy, legitimate, and authoritative.
  5. Personalization – Depending on the type of auto attendant, you can personalize the customer’s experience when they call in. For example, you can greet the customer by name, thanking them for calling back, or offering them the chance to redial their last extension. You can also personalize your recorded message according to changing business needs, like new hours or services.


DialMyCalls’ Auto Attendants


We love auto attendants so much that DialMyCalls uses an auto attendant on our own support line.

Our customers can dial their party’s extension or listen to their options, which are:

  1. Press 1 for Sales
  2. Press 2 for Customer Support
  3. Press 3 for Business Development

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