When it comes to running a business, you need to deliver great customer experience while encouraging brand loyalty. But, according to the Edelman 2019 Brand Trust Survey, customers only trust a third of the companies they buy from. If you want to get more customers in your door, you have to build trust before you capture their hearts.

Consumers are more leery of brands today than ever before. To deepen relationships and build brand loyalty, you’ve got to have every advantage possible. That’s why your organization needs to invest in CNAM, a simple but important technology that can revolutionize your outbound phone call strategy.


What is CNAM?


CNAM is shorthand for “Caller ID Name.” But don’t mistake it for caller ID; CNAM actually complements the caller ID most of us see when we receive a call.

Caller ID will only display your phone number. Since we live in a world where consumers don’t memorize phone numbers or area codes, caller ID does little for your organization’s credibility.

It is different than caller ID because it displays 15 characters of text below your phone number. It enhances caller ID, displaying your name or your business’s name to the phone call recipient.


How Does CNAM Work?


But how does CNAM work, anyway? Does it automatically know your phone number, or is there something you need to do to set it up?

Normally, you would only be able to use it if your business subscribes to CNAM through your phone carrier. But if you partner with DialMyCalls, you won’t need any fancy technology or added costs to use CNAM.

Each phone carrier uses a different database for populating CNAM, called a CNAM repository. These repositories are trustworthy, coming directly from your phone carrier.


Vanity Phone Number Advanced Options - Version 3


The carrier stores your number and ties it to the 15-character CNAM field. When you place a call, the carrier searches for a CNAM entry with your number (this is called a “CNAM dip”). Once it locates your CNAM, it displays the characters below your phone number as you’re calling a customer.

Keep in mind that the customer’s phone needs to enable CNAM for this to work. If you’re calling an 80-year old grandmother with a traditional landline, there’s a good chance your CNAM won’t have a place to display. But since most consumers have smartphones nowadays, this isn’t usually a concern.

Normally you would have to manage your CNAM entry with your phone carrier. But when you use a platform like DialMyCalls, you can change your CNAM* from within your account. Control the caller ID that displays any time you broadcast to your audience with just a few clicks (pictured above). *Please note that you can only change the CNAM on vanity number you purchase through DialMyCalls.


Why Do I Need CNAM?


Is CNAM really worth the extra hassle? Do customers really care about seeing your name next to your phone number?

Consider this: most Millennials won’t answer phone calls. This is due in part to their preference for quick texts, but it’s also because they don’t want companies to waste their time. If they don’t know who you are or why you’re calling, consumers have zero problems letting your call go to voicemail. And if you rely on sales calls for your business, voicemail equals an empty bank account.


Businesses Need CNAM for 5 Reasons:


1. Brand Recognition


No matter the size of your business, brand recognition can help you get results. The more consumers see your name, the more comfortable they are engaging with your brand. And when they’re comfortable enough to engage, they trust you enough with their business.

Brand recognition isn’t a frilly marketing tactic; it works. Come across as the trustworthy, quality business that you are with ironclad branding. CNAM can help you solidify your brand before customers even pick up the phone. No other marketing tool can do that for you.

Instead of wading through suspicious “Who is this?” questions from your customers, they already know it’s you on the line before they pick up. CNAM is an easy and affordable way to promote your brand at every turn.


2. Increase Call Answers


Consumers don’t want to answer calls they don’t recognize. When consumers are more hesitant to pick up the phone, your representatives have to work harder to build a relationship.

CNAM matters because it takes caller ID to the next level. After all, your customers haven’t memorized your phone number. They might recognize an area code and that’s it. CNAM encourages people to answer by reminding them who’s on the other end of the line.

If you’re using an out of state or toll-free number, CNAM gives the seal of approval to your phone call. Instead of avoiding unrecognizable numbers, customers will look at the CNAM to realize it’s a legitimate call. Of course, you can always get a local vanity number through DialMyCalls to avoid this, but a CNAM is good practice anyway.


3. Improve Customer and Employee Experience


When customers do answer numbers they don’t recognize, sometimes it’s because they’re feeling argumentative or confrontational. Even though you have a valid reason to contact your customers, they can meet your representatives with hostility that taints the call.

Fortunately, CNAM gives both customers and your employees a better experience. Customers are more interested in answering because they know who’s at the other end of the line. By setting this expectation with transparency, customers are more primed for a conversation. That makes the job much easier for your employees, who can make more progress during the phone call.


4. Security


CNAM tells consumers that your phone call is trustworthy. If all legitimate businesses started using CNAM, it would add a layer of trust to every outbound phone call. Over time, this would make it easier for consumers to spot and report fraudsters, protecting consumer security and your good name.


5. Included in DialMyCalls’ Infrastructure


There’s no need to get in touch with your phone carrier to set up CNAM for your brand. Avoid the expense and hassle of setting it up for your business. The infrastructure to set it up is included within DialMyCalls. In just a few clicks, you can get your CNAM up and running.



Start Using CNAM for Your Business


CNAM is an affordable and easy way to be more transparent with your consumers. Harness the power of it to increase call answer rates, boost brand authority, and get a better return on your investment.

Don’t spend added time and money getting it through your carrier. When you sign up for DialMyCalls, you can change your CNAM without the hassle. Learn how the DialMyCalls process helps you reach more customers with less fuss.