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Communications Glossary

Long Code

Long codes are also known as dedicated phone numbers and are used to receive both voice and SMS messages. Long codes are available both internationally and in the United States using the following format:

+55 5555 55555 (International)
555 555 555 (United States)

Long codes differ from short codes in that long codes are available internationally and short codes require activation in each country they will be used in.

DialMyCalls utilizes short codes rather than long codes as our service SMS broadcasting service is only available in the United States. Rather than receiving and sending texts from traditional dedicated phone numbers such as 555-555-5555, our service uses our own personalized short code, 80123.

Text messages that are sent from DialMyCalls will display 80123 as the caller ID and any member using keywords will have their recipients text their keyword to our short code to opt in to receive alerts.

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