Long Code

The world of telemarketing is surprisingly complex. For example, most people don’t know that a standard ten-digit phone number is actually called a long code.

While short codes are popular for SMS marketing, long codes are also a popular option. Learn more about text message long code programs and when to use them in your business.

What is an SMS long code?

Everyone has used an SMS long code without realizing it. Long code is simply the standard phone number that people use to place calls and text.

Long codes are usually ten digits long in the United States; their format will change by country.

Technically speaking, the big difference between a long code and a short code is that long codes are usable internationally. No matter where you go in the world, that number will stay the same. For short codes, they require activation in each country where they will be in use.


When to use long codes

At first glance, it might seem like short codes are the better option. They’re shorter and enable more customer engagement. While that’s certainly true, there are some situations that warrant a long code.

  1. International campaigns: DialMyCalls uses SMS short code for all of our campaigns because we’re only in the United States. But if you were marketing internationally, a long code would make more sense.
  2. Cheaper: Brands pay less in fees when they use SMS long code.
  3. No expiration: Because short codes expire, brands have to reactivate them to keep them in commission. Long codes don’t expire, which means there’s one less thing for you to remember.
  4. More personal: Customers are used to texting each other from their SMS long code numbers. When you communicate with customers using a long code, it’s a two-way communication that’s more personal. This is great for building engagement with customers.
  5. Mutipurpose: Unlike short codes, you can call or text to a long code. You can use the number for multiple purposes, which is ideal for streamlining your telemarketing process or saving money.

Is long code right for your business? DialMyCalls will design the perfect solution for your marketing needs.