Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Answering Machine Detection gives voice broadcasting providers the ability to differentiate between a real human answering a phone call and an answering machine. Several factors determine the accuracy of an AMD system such as background noise and the connection between the voice broadcasting provider and the recipient’s local telephone carrier.

The AMD set in place for members of our voice broadcasting service has a success rate of 98% which is well above the average (75-80%).

When utilizing our AMD, members will be able to see which of their call recipients were a live answer and which of them had the message left on an answering machine – our system is extremely intelligent when waiting for the “beep” on an answering machine before playing the message so it’s not cut off.

It’s important that when testing out our Answering Machine Detection that you answer the phone normally and say “Hello”. Sometimes customers who expect the call say nothing which can throw off the system and cause a delay. Also make sure you’re not in an overly noisy place with loud music playing in the background. Background noise can also make the system think an answering machine is playing and continue to wait until silence occurs.

In rare instances our system can improperly detect voicemails thinking it is a live answer and you’ll only receive a portion of your message – this happens only on a very small percentage of voicemail/answering machine systems. Please let customer support know which phone number this is occurring on and we can look into it in further detail.