Predictive Dialer

Call centers rely on speedy, efficient communication. Shaving mere seconds off of time spent on a call or dialing can mean big savings to the business.

Most call centers use predictive dialing technology to save their employees’ time while improving the consumer experience and driving the bottom line.

What is a Predictive Dialer?


Predictive dialers have been around for over 30 years. They got their start in the banking industry, which used the technology for easier debt collection. Today it’s most commonly used in call centers for sales.

A predictive dialer is a software that automatically dials a list of phone numbers on behalf of a call center agent. Instead of inputting the numbers manually, which takes forever and runs the risk of error, predictive dialers handle the heavy lifting.

Predictive analytics uses data to call multiple numbers at the same time, connecting consumers with an agent once they answer. The software knows the average call time per agent and works to minimize the time in between calls.

This software helps agents screen for voice mails and disconnected numbers, streamlining call center operations.

The result? A steady stream of calls without downtime.

Predictive dialers call a list of numbers and then connect those calls to live agents. It’s a sophisticated software that uses statistics and predictions to minimize the time agents spend in between phone calls.

Predictive dialers also decrease incidents where a consumer answers but your agents aren’t available to speak with them.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers


  1. Increases call volume: Predictive dialers maximize the number of calls your agents can answer every day.
  2. Significantly cut down on downtime: Predictive dialers cut downtime between calls from an average of a minute and a half to just 10 seconds. That adds up to valuable time savings and more customer conversations.
  3. Removes human error from the equation: Manual dialing takes too much time. There’s also more room for error with manual processes. Predictive dialing lessens the potential for error.


Predictive Dialer Rules


The FCC has plenty of rules in place for predictive dialers. This is by no means a complete list, but here are a few regulations you need to follow if you use a predictive dialer.

  1. 3% or lower abandon rate Predictive dialers come with a problem: there will be times when the system calls a consumer and, for whatever reason, your agents aren’t able to answer the call in time.

    The FCC calls this an “abandoned” call. You can only have a 3% abandon rate to be FCC compliant. That’s why it’s important to have enough agents available to take your customers’ calls.

  2. Recorded messages If a consumer answers and an agent isn’t available to speak with them, you must play a recorded message.
  3. Express written consent As with many other types of customer outreach, you can’t use a predictive dialer to contact consumers if you don’t have express written consent

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