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DialMyCalls How To: Free Voice Message Service

Test out our mass notification system by signing up for our free voice message service.

Are you new to the whole automated calling game and want to give it a go before you spend any money? DialMyCalls offers a free voice message service that allows you to give our product a test run. Plan a party this weekend with your friends and use our mass notification system to send out the invites. What exactly do you get when you sign up for our free service plan?
Our free voice message service allows you to harness the power of our mass notification system with a few limitations. First off, you will only be allowed to record and send 1 voice message per week to a maximum of 25 phone numbers. The customized message that you send has to be 30 seconds or less when using our free phone dialer. Lastly, we will add our branding message “Powered by DialMyCalls” to the end of your customized voicemail.
The goal of our free voice message service is to allow you to experience what DialMyCalls has to offer if you are not familiar with mass notification systems. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account today!


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