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“I am a youth minister and have spent hours in the past calling students individually to remind them of an upcoming event or to get out an urgent announcement. With, I cut that time down to about 1 minute. I also love how I can see exactly who answered live and how long they listened so I know if they heard the whole message. is the best website I have stumbled upon all year! Thanks!”

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9 Best SimpleTexting Alternatives You Need to Try in 2024

9 Best SimpleTexting Alternatives You Need to Try in 2024

SimpleTexting is a text messaging and SMS marketing platform. It allows users to send and receive text messages for various purposes, including marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and communication.

Although SimpleTexting has great use cases, the solution comes with the below drawbacks:

  • Occasional delays in automated responses with SimpleTexting
  • Platform may seem too complex for newcomers
  • Users may need extra help or a few days to get comfortable with the platform

Here are 9 SimpleTexting alternatives that can assist you with any challenges you might face as a SimpleTexting user. Keep scrolling for detailed comparisons below.

Best SimpleTexting Alternatives

  1. DialMyCalls
  2. Textdrip
  3. EZ Texting
  4. Sakari
  5. Textmagic
  6. CallHub
  7. SimplyCast
  8. Textline
  9. ClickSend

DialMyCalls - One Call Now Alternatives

Alternative #1: DialMyCalls


is a mass notification platform that allows users to send text messages, phone calls, and emails to groups of people. DialMyCalls has gained popularity among different entities, especially churches, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and small businesses, owing to the ease of use of the software and its diverse features, SMS delivery speed, and swift setup process.

DialMyCalls Features

  • Mass texting
  • Automated calling
  • Recurring messages

Mass Texting

Mass texting

feature allows companies to send a large number of text messages simultaneously to a targeted audience. This feature has many use cases. For example, healthcare facilities use mass texting to send critical information to patients and staff. This includes appointment reminders, health alerts, and general health education messages.

Similarly, government agencies use mass texting through DialMyCalls for widespread communication with the public. Government agencies can use mass texting to quickly disseminate evacuation instructions, safety protocols, and updates to affected communities during emergencies such as natural disasters or public health crises.

Maximize Outreach, Save Time

Start Transforming Your Communication with Mass Texting

Churches benefit from DialMyCalls’ mass texting feature too, as it enables them to enhance communication with their congregation. Churches can use mass texting to send weekly service reminders, event invitations, and prayer requests, fostering community and engagement among members. Plus, churches can promptly reach their members through mass texting during unforeseen circumstances like sudden changes in service schedules or urgent announcements.

Automated Calling

DialMyCalls’ automated calling allows users to record a voice message that can be broadcasted to a designated list of phone numbers. Organizations can use this feature for various purposes, including emergency alerts, event reminders, school announcements, and political campaign updates.

Different functionalities make DialMyCalls a great broadcasting solution. First, users can customize the caller ID to display a recognizable or specific number. This helps reinforce trust and increase the likelihood of recipients answering the call.

Second, DialMyCalls allows users to include live answer messages, enabling a personalized touch in automated calls. This can include options for the recipient to speak with a live representative or navigate through a menu for more information.

Then, DialMyCalls supports the creation and execution of telephone polls, allowing organizations to gather feedback or conduct surveys efficiently. Research organizations or community groups can use telephone polls to gauge public opinion on various issues.

Recurring Messages

DialMyCalls’ recurring messages feature simplifies and automates communication by allowing customers to schedule voice broadcasts, SMS text message broadcasts, and email broadcasts on a set and repetitive schedule. With this feature, you no longer need to manually set up the same message every day — recurring messages handle the task without any hassle.

One of its use cases is for daily announcements. For example, schools or organizations can use recurring messages to broadcast daily announcements, ensuring that students, parents, or members receive important updates consistently.

Businesses can use the recurring messages feature for ongoing marketing campaigns, sending promotional messages at scheduled times to maintain engagement with their customer base.


DialMyCalls offers custom pricing, standard monthly, premium monthly, and pay-as-you-go options.

With the standard monthly plan, you can start using DialMyCalls for as little as $7.49/month. If you choose an annual commitment, the annual plan is available at just $6.74/month.

Sign up for DialMyCalls and get 25 free credits to test the platform.

Textdrip - SimpleTexting Alternatives

Alternative #2: Textdrip


is an SMS marketing software platform that offers many useful features, including 2 way texting for interactive communication, SMS scheduling, MMS/image messaging for engaging multimedia content delivery, and more.

Textdrip Features

  • Two-way texting
  • Drip campaigns

Two-Way Texting

Textdrip’s two-way texting facilitates instant back-and-forth communication. This feature comes in handy when organizations need to engage in real-time conversations with their audience or clients.

Drip Campaigns

With Textdrip’s drip campaigns, users can automate scheduled message delivery. This helps facilitate easy lead nurturing and maintain consistent engagement over time through a carefully planned series of texts.


Textdrip’s pricing is set at $0.012 per SMS sent. So, if you were to send 5000 messages, the total cost would amount to $60.

EZ Texting Alternatives

Alternative #3: EZ Texting

EZ Texting

is a text marketing and communication platform that enables businesses to send and receive text messages with their contacts. It provides tools for text marketing, notifications, and engagement, allowing organizations to connect with their audience through SMS messages.

EZ Texting Features

  • Text forwarding
  • Recurring texts

Text forwarding

Simplify your communication process by using the text forwarding feature, which allows you to share messages in real-time. This functionality promotes quick information dissemination, ensuring that important details reach your audience.

Recurring texts

EZ Texting’s recurring texts feature allows users to automate repetitive messaging tasks by scheduling messages to be sent regularly. This means users can maintain ongoing communication with their contacts without the need for constant manual intervention.


EZ Texting pricing starts at $25/month and includes 500 message credits.

Sakari - One Call Now Alternatives

Alternative #4: Sakari


is a bulk business SMS service provider designed for businesses to facilitate communication with their customers or clients through SMS. Sakari’s features include mass texting, MMS messaging, automation through SMS autoresponders, and tools to organize text-based communications.

Sakari Features

  • Mass texting
  • SMS autoresponders

Mass Texting

Similar to DialMyCalls, Sakari’s mass texting feature simplifies reaching a large audience at once, making it easy for users to broadcast messages to multiple contacts simultaneously.

SMS Autoresponders

With Sakari’s SMS autoresponders, users can engage with their contacts instantly. This feature helps maintain responsiveness and ensures no messages go unanswered, providing a timely communication experience.


Sakari charges $16/month for sending 500 messages and $30/month for sending 1000 messages.

TextMagic - ClickSend Alternatives

Alternative #5: TextMagic


is a communication platform that provides services related to SMS and text messaging for businesses.  It offers features such as SMS scheduling, carrier lookup and number validation, SMS attachments and MMS, toll-free texting, and other tools to facilitate effective communication via text messages.

Textmagic Features

  • SMS surveys
  • Toll-free texting

SMS Surveys

TextMagic offers the feature to conduct SMS surveys, allowing businesses to enhance customer experiences by gathering quick feedback on their services. This feature enables feedback collection through text messages.

Toll-Free Texting

Toll-free texting enables businesses to communicate with customers without incurring charges for the recipients. This functionality enhances accessibility and facilitates cost-effective messaging.


Sending a text message within the US using TextMagic costs $0.049. So, if you send 500 messages, the total cost would be $24.50.

CallHub - Best Auto Dialer Software

Alternative #6: CallHub


is a cloud-based communication platform that provides services for voice and text-based outreach, particularly tailored for political campaigns, advocacy, education, and customer engagement.

CallHub Features

  • Bulk SMS
  • Automatic responses

Bulk SMS

The bulk SMS feature facilitates the mass transmission of text messages, enabling users to broadcast messages to a large audience in a single operation.

Automatic Responses

With the automatic responses feature, users can set up predefined responses to automate replies based on specific triggers. This helps manage communication more effectively by providing instant responses to common interactions.


CallHub charges $0.034 per text when sent from a regular 10-digit number (long code) or $0.05 per text when sent from a shorter 5-digit number (shortcode).

SimplyCast - SimpleTexting Alternatives

Alternative #7: SimplyCast


is a marketing automation platform that offers a variety of features to simplify communication processes. It helps organizations in automating their marketing, communication, and engagement strategies across different channels, including SMS, voice, email, and more.

SimplyCast Features

  • Two-way texting
  • SMS marketing campaign analytics

Two-Way Texting

SimplyCast’s two-way texting feature allows for interactive communication, enabling users to send and receive messages in real-time.

SMS Marketing Campaign Analytics

SimplyCast provides analytics for your SMS campaigns through the reporting dashboard. Download reports to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies for more successful future SMS marketing campaigns.


If you choose the basic plan with SimplyCast, each SMS will cost you $0.0500.

Textline - OnSolve Alternatives

Alternative #8: Textline


is a business text messaging platform that enables organizations to communicate with their customers through text messages. It offers features like two-way SMS and MMS, automated messages, text surveys, mass texting, and others.

Textline Features

  • Landline texting
  • Automated messages

Landline Texting

Textline’s landline texting feature allows users to send and receive text messages using their existing phone numbers. This helps streamline communication and provides a convenient and familiar channel for businesses to connect with customers.

Automated Messages

Textline’s automated messages feature streamlines communication by allowing users to schedule and send pre-defined messages at specified times, ensuring timely interactions.


Textline charges $0.0154 for each SMS and $0.0404 for each multimedia message (MMS).

ClickSend - TextMagic Alternatives

Alternative #9: ClickSend


is a cloud-based communication platform that provides various services such as SMS messaging, email marketing, fax, and voice broadcasting.

ClickSend Features

  • Bulk texting
  • Automated SMS notifications

Bulk Texting

Bulk texting allows users to communicate with a large audience in one go, simplifying outreach efforts and enhancing communication reach.

Automated SMS Notifications

ClickSend’s automated SMS notifications are perfect for different use cases, such as delivery updates and appointment reminders. By automating these messages, users ensure timely and reliable communication without delays.


You can start sending SMS with ClickSend for as low as $0.02 if you have fewer than 5000 messages.

What is the Best SimpleTexting Alternative?

Check out the table below to see how DialMyCalls stands out from SimpleTexting and other competitors in four different areas.

PlatformEase of UseCustomer SupportOther FeaturesPricingScore
EZ Texting4.

The ratings above are from

Trust DialMyCalls for Sending Quick Broadcast Messages

SimpleTexting may delay sending automated responses, and for newcomers, the platform might seem a little complicated.

DialMyCalls, however, offers a solution by ensuring quick delivery of automated responses, providing a user-friendly platform for easy navigation. As the best SimpleTexting alternative, DialMyCalls comes with features like mass texting, automated calling, and recurring messages, providing a reliable solution for efficient text communication.

Sign up for DialMyCalls and get 25 free credits to test the platform yourself.

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